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edge04 04-07-2013 7:19 AM

Looking at a 2003 GMC Durmax for towing
Has the 6.6 duramax LB7. 68 turbo with 3.5 down pipe dual cps and some other mods. I hear these things have injector issues. This truck still has the stock injectors with 150k miles. Anyone here ever replace injectors in these diesel motors? How hard? Anyone go lot more miles with the stock injectors? Anything else to worry about these things? Thanks

SkySki 04-07-2013 8:01 AM

I have an 05 with stock injectors. Your best bet is to post the vin on dieselplace.com. There are guys who will run it in their system for you. That will tell you what your looking at a little better. Also a ton of info over there.

jonblarc7 04-07-2013 8:27 AM

I love duramax's I'm even looking for an lmm right now. But I would stay away from any lb7, even if the injectors have been replace they can still go out and there not cheap. I think there like 2000 just for a set of injectors only not including labor. I would try to find one that's not an lb7.

jonyb 04-07-2013 6:50 PM

Don't buy anything older than an LBZ if possible.

The LB7's lose injectors around 200K. Some may be okay, but it's an expensive gamble - somewhere around $4000.

I've had a few LBZ trucks with absolutely zero issues, and now own an LMM. The LMM took a dump today on me with a quad in the bed, and a toyhauler loaded with a SXS and another quad. We had made a quick stop after a 20 minute run, then it wouldnt start. Turns out to be air leaking somewhere into the fuel - which all of these seem to have that problem sometimes. A fuel filter rebuild kit should solve it, I did eventually get the truck started and home.

The LBZ came with the 6sp. auto Allison and 3.73's. It's a perfect combo for towing a wakeboat. My rig right now is about 20K loaded and it's amazing how smooth it pulls.

SkySki 04-07-2013 7:53 PM

Ah, yes, air in the fuel system. I have that problem as well. Haven't had it in a while. I hear a common problem is the float in the water separator, for lack of a better explanation. The worst one was one 115 degree day after being on the lake. Wife goes to get the truck, won't start. She had to walk about two miles up stairs, just for extra punishment. She couldn't get the hood up, and couldn't remember where the self prime pump was. I was on the lake, had to find a picture on the Internet of the prime pump so she could get it going. She had to wait for a guy to help her get the hood open. To top it off, it was busy on the ramp. She is usually really good with the trailer. She was nearly in tears by the time I got the boat on the trailer.

Walter 04-07-2013 8:20 PM

My 04 had the air in fuel problem too, take the fuel filter housing off and take it apart, replace the o-ring seals and you'll be good to go, cost ya about 3$ at the parts store for the seals

Thrall 04-08-2013 4:47 AM

I'd be less worried about injectors and more about the trans with 150k and some heavy duty go fast parts.
Unless you have a good comfort level with the owner, dual cp3s and turbo tells me it was hot rodded, raced or sled pulled. Don't need dual pumps unless you're putting some serious power down.
Stock form with just a tune or programmer they are beasts. I'd buy a nice lb7 any day as long as I knew if the injectors were replaced or planned for it.
On a good note seems most of the injector eaters lost them early and often. With 150k on original sticks get a balance and return rate test and if they're good they'll prolly last a while.

edge04 04-08-2013 7:56 AM

It has a newer SunCoast built trans so no worries there. He also has two fuel filters which should help and treats with two stroke oil. I'm going to run a balance rate and see where they are. Even if I had to put new injectors in, and I would do the work myself, I would still only be into the truck for $18k

King12 04-08-2013 8:02 AM

sounds like you want it, so buy it

edge04 04-08-2013 8:08 AM

Well I NEED a truck and getting tired of lookling. Want to be someone around $20k or under so its hard. But last thing I want is to but a truck and have it **** the bed right away where I then need to throw $3k into it. Did some more research on dieselplace, etc and found a lot.

King12 04-08-2013 8:12 AM

understandable, good deal those guys know a lot, do you know anyone that works with diesels around where you live? Theres a few different diesel performance shops around my home town, and im sure if you found something like that they might look it over and check it out if you gave them a few bucks. Couldnt hurt and could only help as far as I could see

edge04 04-08-2013 8:17 AM

yes, he is going to bring is snap on scanner so we can run the balance rates and go from there. If they read good (and I know it doesn't tell the whole story) I'll probably jump on it.

Unless anyone here is selling a good truck?

jonyb 04-08-2013 8:36 AM

If you look hard enough, you can find a good LBZ or LMM for $25K, maybe less. I picked up my truck a few months ago - 2008 GMC 3500HD dually - LTZ with leather and 85K for $27,000. I spent 2 months looking though. Dieselplace and duramaxforums is a good place to start.

I've been around these GM trucks for a while now, and I know that I'd never own an LB7 or LLY - after owning the LBZ and LMM.

edge04 04-08-2013 8:49 AM

Doesn't have to be a diesel. Just found this but wish it was a crew cab


King12 04-08-2013 9:20 AM

pretty truck

04-08-2013 10:13 AM

I've got an 05 with the LLY. Bought it at the beginning of last summer and absolutely love it.

edge04 04-12-2013 7:20 AM

bought it. has some good performance upgrades and clean body for a 10 year old truck



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