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SS_Hooke102 04-06-2013 8:29 PM

Ronix Vests?
Anyone ridden the new Ronix CGA's I'm curious as to whether it would be worth purchasing one... Love the idea of the freedom of a comp, but I've been knocked out a few times and really want something that I know will float me.

Orange 04-07-2013 5:44 AM

I have one of the 2012 Capella CGA vests (can't remember if its the One or Parks version though I think the only diff is color) and I love it. I find it difficult to imagine anyone claiming it was preventing them from doing any trick. I'm sure it is not as free feeling as many comp vests, but it is comfortable and allows me to do anything I need. They're a bit pricey but if you can get a good deal somewhere I think they're worth it. The other vest I like is the Hyperlite Hatch. I like the idea of a side entry while still having CGA flotation. .

Bumpass1 04-07-2013 6:35 AM

I have '12 One CGA. I like it. It doesn't feel bulky or heavy in any way. I have good range of motion in all direction. It doesn't ride up and the straps haven twisted up like on other vest I have had. It works for me.

simplej 04-07-2013 9:37 AM

Here's my comment on the Capella. Great vest, super flexible, feels tight fitting like a comp vest. My brother rocks one BUT I find the vest too constrictive for me. We're about the same size chest but he's more tall and lean and I'm relatively built and have wide shoulders. so that's my word of caution for that vest, if you left weights or are a big dude go for the jet pilot Murray or size up the ronix. Not gonna go off topic but if you're wider the Murray has nice big arm holes and stuff, if you're taller and skinnier to medium build go for the Capella, if not think about sizing up or going the Murray route

SS_Hooke102 04-07-2013 7:11 PM

Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it, I will definitely look into all of them just saw that they had redesigned semi-recently and wanted to see what was up. I may look into the murray as my arms tend to get a little restricted in my movements.

simplej 04-07-2013 7:50 PM

The murray is definitely a looser fit, but very soft with wide open arms hence making it good if youre a bigger dude with wide shoulders, might be too "baggy" if you're a skinny dude.
capella grips you like a cardigan and flexes and flows with you but if you have wide shoulders the "grip" can be constrictive.

IMO these are the two best CGA vests on the market and 2 in my crew are rocking the capella (one came off a hyperlite side zip).

SS_Hooke102 04-08-2013 9:15 AM

Anything will be better than what I'm rocking right now, lol, it's like a 5-7 y/o hyperlink neo. I probably will go Murray, weigh about 160, but my arms are a little larger than usual and have constriction probs in mine already.

Midnightv10 04-08-2013 10:21 AM

I have a Capella ONE vest and absolutely love it. For a CGA it is the closest thing to a comp vest I have worn.

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