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saskrider 04-04-2013 10:49 PM

Shout out to Performance Boat Candy
Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks to Tim at Performance Boat Candy. This isn't a post to bash any other company, just want to share my personal experience.

I purchased some Speed Gloss, Vinyl Clean and Vinyl Condition last year for the boat, the products worked really well for me so I thought I would order the Compound, Polish and Wax this year for the boat. This is my first boat and also my first time polishing so I got a Porter Cable 7424Xp and the product and pads and away I went.

I the results were very good but there were some spots where I didn't get it perfect after trying for awhile (I am a bit O.C.D. when it comes to the boat) . I searched the internet for awhile but couldn't find what I was looking for so I emailed Tim.

He responded quickly with some awesome advice and took the time to explain a couple things that really helped me out, the guy even gave me his cell phone number if I needed any more help. You don't get that support from very many people these days.

Like I said I just wanted to share my experience and say a big Thank You to Tim at Performance Boat Candy. I will definitely be a customer for life.

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