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seandaviswake 04-03-2013 7:44 PM

Fat Sacs Malibu VLX
Wanting to purchase fat sacs for my 2012 Malibu VLX just wondering if you guys had some thoughts on what to buy.

johnny_defacto 04-03-2013 10:31 PM

I am assuming for wakeboarding/wakeskating.

The straightline Sumo 600's fit perfectly in the lockers of your VLX, plus the inside diameter of the ports on the sac are 1". I have the fly high 750's in my A22 (yes, different lockers than yours but very similar) and I tested a Sumo 600 in one of my lockers and the actual weight appeared to be identical. The 600 fills completely without putting any pressure on the engine dividers or seat back and access panels. Wakemakers sells them and they are the same price as the 750's, but in my opinion they are better built and the locations of the ports are better. Sumo also has an extra port that is designed to bleed air but also takes the tsunami pump.

If I was doing my Axis over again, I would go with the Sumo 600's.

Then for your bow, if you have bow ballast, you can piggy back into a bag system that goes under your bow seats. Sorry, I do not know off hand what the bags malibu guys are using. you can search it on the malibucrew forums though.

If you are going to surf, go with the Sumo 900's or flyhigh 1100's. in the rear lockers.

Michael 04-04-2013 12:07 PM

Well it depends on what you are doing and how big of a wake you want. In my 07 I put 450#s ontop of the hard tanks, but i would recomend 750#s, also a Triangle bag in the nose is a must for me.

captain_vilfo 04-04-2013 1:57 PM

does the wake really need extra bags on top of the wedge and hard tanks?

ToPHeR35 04-04-2013 5:44 PM

Interesting topic. Was thinking about starting similar thread..... Too bad I have an 08 MC X-2 and was looking for suggestions for that boat....:confused:

brian_young 04-04-2013 8:16 PM


Originally Posted by captain_vilfo (Post 1815101)
does the wake really need extra bags on top of the wedge and hard tanks?

What you "need" and what you "want" are two different things. Some people are fine with the stock wake, other will not ride it without at least 3k lbs in it.

skiboarder 04-05-2013 7:21 AM

I plumbed in a Fat Sac tube sack in each rear compartment. They lay realy low and fit perfectly all the way up under the back seat. They still leave a lot of room in the compartments and also get the weight a little more forward. I still put a sac in the walk-way too.

xmcmillenx 04-05-2013 8:00 AM

I bought the wakemakers kit to put extra bags on top of the hard tanks. it was easy to do and works great. We run a nose sac too depending on how many people are in the boat.

We have a power wedge, but dont use it. If you do use the wedge. nose weight is basically a requirement.

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