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NTappsLoc 04-03-2013 5:00 PM

Lookin for my Mojo
Whatup everyone, first post here - trying to get my balls back after a bad bail last July 7. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, a simple BS 180, and caught the back edge, snapped my Fibula bone all the way across - clean break, 5 minutes into the day. Forward to April 3rd, still friggin' kills me every step but slowly improving. Hardware taken out of my foot in January/ rehab overwith but got this huge fear of doing it again this year and having to go thru it all over again. I just sold my LF Transit bindings to eliminate that part of it. So...do you feel that a stiffer boot/ binding (looking at the RAD by SS currently) would be a safer bet or can it all together and take up wakesurfing? I have always ridden a middle flex open toe binding as the board gets ridden by a few others at times. Have been riding both wake and snow since the late 80's and it kills me to think of the chance of not riding this spring/summer. Rocking the Burton Driver X has allowed me to ride this winter (snow) so looking for feedback from someone who has been thru a broken Fibula before and what your experience is with the post healing riding/ tricks, etc vs just cruising.

hco 04-03-2013 7:09 PM

After I blew my knee out I got rid of my stiff bindings and went with a softer pair. Changing the setup and getting a knee brace helped me get over most of it mentally. Still not all the way there though, still haven't gone upside down/done any flips, but mainly because I still think I am too fat and out of shape.

NTappsLoc 04-03-2013 9:03 PM

How long has it been for you since the injury?


Originally Posted by hco (Post 1814993)
After I blew my knee out I got rid of my stiff bindings and went with a softer pair. Changing the setup and getting a knee brace helped me get over most of it mentally. Still not all the way there though, still haven't gone upside down/done any flips, but mainly because I still think I am too fat and out of shape.

machloosy 04-04-2013 5:23 AM

Hey Paul, I blew my right knee out in a snowboarding accident about 7yrs ago. I decided after some major time off to not give up, but get back to it slowly. I stayed of rails and ignored peer pressure to ride at my own rate. Here a few years later, I'm not quite up to where I want to be and my buddies still out shine me now and again, but I stuck with it, overcame the fear and am thankful every time I hit the powder. I would say get a medium-medium/stiff binding and settle back in over time. Like you said, it happened doing a simple trick. It happens to everyone. Get back on that horse!

Wakebd 04-04-2013 8:10 AM

Sup fellow wake worlders? 2 years ago I broke my right leg for the second time, first time when I was 16, this one when I was 28. A Florida boy and ice doesn't mix. They gave me the titanium rod inside the bone, as it was a bad break and my second time on the same leg. Had a horrible recovery, and kept riding (aginst doctors orders) turns out the bone wasn't healing. They then took out some of the screws to allow the fracture to compress. All was good..... or so I thought. The leg was weak, and would get fatigued after a short time of riding. It sucks cutting into the wake with a shaky leg. Then not even a year later on a normal wake to wake tantrum come down caught a backside edge hard enough I should have been ejected from the bindings, but wasn't. Thought I had a bad sprain then a week later went to E.R. to find out I had a Lisfranc fracture. If you have never heard of this, look it up, pretty common. Very aggravating injury not to mention just started getting a hint of calf muscle back from the first injury. I had open toe watson's at the time and will never own another pair that cinches right down on top of my midfoot. That's what caused the break, and they are also uncomfortable on the break area. I ride the 2012 slingshot shredtowns and the wide strap across that area allows me to concentrate on my riding, and not the pain. So find something a brace or something that will give you that added confidence. You need to ride guessing what leg is it I hurt? It may be a while for that, but adding that mental boost of looking down and seeing a brace really helps. I am doing what I love! SO to that I say get out there and ride, and ride hard! You are only young once and untill a doctor says I no longer want to see you riding. Just look at him and smile and say well close your eyes. I will probably be in a rascal power chair when I am 45 but I hear insurance will pay up to 95% on those things. LOL ! Good thing I got that especially with my list of random accidents.

fly135 04-04-2013 8:15 AM

I'm 57 now and broke my fibula in a motorcycle accident in the early 80's. However it wasn't a clean break, but I was reminded of it with mild tweaks of pain for a couple years. No long term affect, but then again it wasn't as bad as your break. All you can do is give it time.

augie_09 04-04-2013 12:24 PM

back in 07 I think, completely shattered my collarbone and destroyed the acl joint. 7 months before the bone fragments reformed a bone, now shaped like a lighting bolt. the next few seasons any time I started pushing it, this little voice/fear in the back of my mind says 'taper it back a bit'. probably a good thing, My own jimminy cricket. I've found myself focusing more on the 'simpler' stuff and building a more solid foundation then reaching for that 'next' trick.

fast forward to last july, severe lis franc fracture at the cable park. no weight bearing 8 weeks, walking boot 6 weeks, then screws removed, then street shoes 8 weeks, then finally cleared for exercise jan. 15. I've been hitting it hard every day running, gym and crossfit. My foot kills me every day, but it's because I am building it up fast. Water is still 40 degrees here, so no riding yet, but I bought a wakeskate to use in a few weeks. I know that little voice from snowboarding will now be in my head while wakeboarding, saying take it slow, but I am planning on the same approach of building a more consistency on tricks I know before reaching for new ones. also going to the boarding school to help rebuild confidence and loose some bad habits.

your balls will come back!

NTappsLoc 04-04-2013 2:37 PM

Very cool, replies are a great confidence builder and reinforcement that it will improve. Been going on 9 months since the break, reading blogs and stories from people in sim situation trying to find that guarantee of a full healing. I am 42 yrs old, but the brain still thinks I am 21 and I just can't enjoy waking or snowboarding unless I am boosting and pushing that comfort level to the edge of fear. It's like buying a KX 250 only to go trail riding on forest service roads or buying a Ferrari as a commuter car. Not sure if I should be looking for a binding with stiff lateral flex and articulating forward flex, a super stiff closed toe or else a soft flexing open toe that would eject easily. No way I can risk breaking the Fib again, it is a true test of character having to go through the whole healing process, keeping a positive attitude and I still plan to wake plenty starting in a month or so...

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