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King12 04-03-2013 10:55 AM

Are there any Lawyers on wakeworld?
If so please chime in to your thoughts on this


As much as I would really like to go ahead and throw out my opinion on it, I will refrain, I would like to hear your opinion on it.
I have though that judicial review gave the supreme court the right to define if something is unconstitutional. Apparently some representatives believe otherwise.

King12 04-03-2013 10:57 AM

Again can we please not turn this into a political ww **** show that is the norm in non -wake discussion. I would like this to be informative and knowledgable

wake77 04-03-2013 5:25 PM

I am not a lawyer, but this is why everyone should be against a one-party system. Whether it be Democrat or Republican, when one party controls a super majority of anything, it becomes more of a dictatorship and less of a republic with the majority raining down their will on their constituents. Here in TN, a lawmaker wants to get rid of the primary system of electing US senators and let state officials choose the two candidates who run in the general elections.

schmidty147 04-04-2013 2:47 PM

^Isn't this how our government was originally setup? aka he wants to erase the 17th Amendment. Does that seem so odd that he wants to return the government back to its original form? We citizens are too fickle to elect a senator to a 6 year term - thus leave it to the states representatives.

wake77 04-04-2013 3:11 PM

^So we, as citizens, aren't civilized enough to select our senator democratically? That doesn't seem a bit condescending to you, as in politician knows best?

schmidty147 04-16-2013 2:28 PM

umm we elect representatives who represent us...."aren't civilized enough to select our senator democratically?"- has nothing to do with this. Not sure your point here.

joe_crawley 04-16-2013 2:47 PM

I know it's not possible. But imagine how awesome it would be if some really powerful and rich oil barons from the middle east flipped the script on the white folk and made Islam the official religion of NC. I lived there for a long time and would give everything I own to see the thumpers have to deal with that. I think separation of church and state is why America is great, but NC is pretty mediocre and this would be so predictable coming from that part of the country, I'd actually love to see it passed just for the entertainment value.

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