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Houstonshark 04-02-2013 7:52 AM

Stock 22MXZ Surf Help
I have a buddy with a 2012, non Surf Gate 22MXZ with stock ballast and nothing additional plumbed in. We decided to go for a quick surf sesh last week and were completely underwhelmed.

The regular surf wave was barely surf able no matter what we tried. The goofy side was better but just barely.

There were only 3 of us total so we didn't have a ton of weight but I really expected at least a decent wake.

Does anyone have any tips or can you share your stock surf setup?

We rarely ever surf and if we do, we would surf behind my RZR. It would be nice to know what to do, if anything to get a decent wake out of the MXZ.

ETrogdon 04-02-2013 8:13 AM

TJ, The factory settings for surf/wakeboarding are off in my opinion, but adjustable. I don't think you can expect a great surf wake with just the 250 rear stock tank, this should help.

JetRanger 04-02-2013 8:18 AM

This must be a troll. No way an MXZ doesn't throw a world class wake out of the box.

cjh1669 04-02-2013 8:55 AM

I am not a fan of the MXZ surf wake. I've only ridden one with surf gate and 400lbs pnp in the lockers. The wake board wake is one of the best in the malibu lineup, but the surf wake is the worst. After my exp I did some thinking and I think if you get 750+, on top of the stock tank, in the rear surf side locker, at least 700lbs of ballast in the bow + the stock bow tank, and 500lbs on the surf side seat you should be able to get a decent wave out of it.

This is all speculation based on what we've done with other models, since I've yet to try it. I can get killer surf wave out of a VTX with the right weight, so I figure I could at least get a decent surf wave out of an MXZ if I had time to play with weight in one.

Houstonshark 04-02-2013 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by JetRanger (Post 1814597)
This must be a troll. No way an MXZ doesn't throw a world class wake out of the box.

Oh the irony. Definitely not trollin. Just trying to help my buddy out.

boardjnky4 04-02-2013 12:19 PM

Without surfgate you'll need a lot more than just stock ballast probably. How much was the boat listing?

CDoogles 04-02-2013 12:44 PM

For a 2012 non-surf gate wave, here is what I did: http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/...mxz-surf-wave/ .
It's a pretty rad wave but you're going to need some more weight just like every other boat out there....

CDoogles 04-02-2013 12:45 PM

This is the configuration I was running for the pics in that post: Surf Left Preset , which is Port MLS full, Center MLS full, Front MLS half full, Wedge all the way down, Speed 11.4-11.6. We the added about 550-600lbs in the rear port bay, 300 under the port seat, and 300 on top of it.

wakintime 04-02-2013 1:10 PM

@jetranger. Can u just give everyone a break and get off this site. You are never helpful. Just trying to stir up crap. You are a maggot.

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