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irishmanworking 04-01-2013 7:17 PM

hyperlite system newbie questions
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this is my first time to use hyperlite systems and i wanna make sure that i'm doing it right. i live outside the US and hyperlite hardwares are hard to get a hold of. apologies if some of my questions have been answered from the previous threads. i did read them and found them really helpful. please comment on the pictures in terms of: are the straps in the right places? the screws at the back, should they be in the middle (boot size is 7-8)? looking at the bottom view, are the gaps normal? etc, and anything under the sun!

thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post. :)

stephan 04-01-2013 10:23 PM

It all looks good to me. The screws at the back can be mounted with the different hardware to make the highback fold open or remain static. Thats a personal preference, not a right or wrong.

My only question is, does the back of the boot snug up against the highback? If not you might want to play with the adjustments and get it more snug. It looks like in the first pic there is a good size gap.

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