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Dmac420sj 04-01-2013 6:22 PM

Blown up acl?
Has any body had a torn acl and completely recovered from it? How long did it take? Feel 100%?

yjwrangler95 04-01-2013 6:37 PM

I tore mine when i was 18 snow skiing in Colorado, I am now almost 34. I also tore my mcl 80%. They replaced my ACL with my patellar tendon. a year later i was skiing and playing basketball It honestly feels really good. The only time i have problems or any pain is when the weather changes, ie hot to cold.........

I was up walking in less than 24 hours after the surgery and running within 6 months.

e_rock32 04-01-2013 6:59 PM

I tore mine in May of 2011, had the surgery in June 2011 and I feel completely recovered from it, but I also agree with the pain caused by temperature drop just like the other injuries I've had. Physical Therapists typically make you wait 6 months before getting back to full activity and at about 12-18 months you will feel completely 100 percent depending on how much activity you do. If you're very active you could feel 100 percent as soon as 9-10 months (for example Adrian Peterson).

Dmac420sj 04-01-2013 7:59 PM

I'm getting an MRI tomorrow and fingers crossed no acl damage cuz I heard mcl is less severe. I just hope my summer isnt going to be done.

lfadam 04-01-2013 8:27 PM

I tore my ACL 6/22/12 but couldn't have surgery until 11/14/12 because of a blood clot and school. I had a patellar graft reconstruction and am now 4.5 months out. I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to get cleared to begin wakeboarding (no jumping/tricks until 4/14 which is 5 months post op). I've been running for about a month or month and a half. Last few weeks been doing lots of jumping/agility/heavy conditioning so I feel pretty good. My doctor is pretty aggressive but he is convinced I can be doing inverts on my board at 5 months exactly and cutting (soccer/basketball) at 6 months. Id say Im at 85-90% right now.

Dmac420sj 04-01-2013 8:48 PM

I see a lot of guys wearing pretty big braces is anyone familiar on if and how they work

CHern5972 04-01-2013 11:10 PM

I had mine made at a place that makes them. The measure you and fit you for them. Mine are made by don joy. They were 800-900 each. Had them made for both knees. Check them out, they work and they help.

Wakesounds 04-01-2013 11:28 PM

Chris, your right about the Mcl. Its the inside supporting ligament while the acl is the inner structural ligament of the knee. I'm in fact an MRI technologist and from what I've heard from patients, they feel very unstable on the affected knee and pain can be just about anywhere but typically posterior (the back), and sometimes almost none at all. Hopefully it'll be nothing!

monroeyd 04-02-2013 12:24 AM

My acl surgery was 2/13/09. I had a hamstring graft. I was released for full activity after 3 months. I didn't feel I was quite 100% till about a year after though. Not affected by temp change and no brace. Hardest thing for me to get was full flex. Good luck!

Dmac420sj 04-02-2013 9:26 AM

Today my knee feels way better so in just hoping just a bad sprain:)

spencercoon 04-02-2013 11:13 AM

It's been about 9 years since my surgery. It has never felt 100%.

Dmac420sj 04-02-2013 1:48 PM

Ahhhh spencer the one guy!! Lmao! "Never felt the same "lol **** if I can't play ball and snowboard and wakeboard and mountainbike and bmx and play gacky sack and play softball I might just kill myself!

Dmac420sj 04-02-2013 1:49 PM

I'm gonna get some hgh and make it happen

tonyv420 04-02-2013 3:01 PM

tore mine for the second time in April of 2011, and was riding again by July the same year, I had a Cadaver ligament put in

Dmac420sj 04-02-2013 3:09 PM

^^^****in rad! That's how I roll

Dmac420sj 04-02-2013 4:02 PM

Grade 2 mcl tear !!!whoo hoo dodged a bullet. 4-6 weeks brand new right in time for the season.

wakebordr11 04-02-2013 4:39 PM

Strengthen them quad muscles and don't test it too hard too soon or else you'll have problems during wake season. Take it from someone who 'felt better' and then had a bad moment 3 weeks later and jacked it up again. Make your legs diesel and you'll be fine

Dmac420sj 04-02-2013 6:38 PM

Have you seen my quads freakin trunks!! That's y my acl is intact still lol!

raceman121 04-04-2013 8:24 AM

I compleetly tore my ACL in december last year. I was back at 100 by june. Keep In mind I am only 16 haha!

Dmac420sj 04-04-2013 11:33 AM

Damn kids!! 7 months 100% lol

dougr 04-05-2013 2:42 PM

2 acl and 1 mcl now i just surf:( its tough once you beat your knees up and then you have to decide how many times you are willing to go through surgery. It sucks that its not the big crash that may do it, but the time you catch an edge and twist it up. good luck on your recovery

flintwake 05-08-2013 7:52 PM

I'm a Physical therapist and I'd say once you feel like your good you need to hit the trampoline jump training hard and do a ton of single leg quad exercises before you start any thing besides just riding and not jumping the wake. -Daryl

Dmac420sj 05-08-2013 7:54 PM

51/2 weeks can't run yet :(

wakebordr11 05-08-2013 8:24 PM

You get an MRI? 5.5 wks and no running sounds kind of skeptical... Thought you said you had quads of steel? Quit being a gayper and rehab that b*tch!

Dmac420sj 05-08-2013 8:34 PM

No MRI. Definently a GAYPER!

shirlz72 05-10-2013 5:45 PM

+1 to spencer coon, most people i know that have had acl reco's including myself say your knees never feel the same as pre surgery. mcl doesnt tighten back up fully, cartilage removed etc etc. i'm on my second acl reco now on my other knee one week in. though i am definately off to a better sart than last time. maybe because i did not tear my mcl this time so didnt have to go in a brace pre surgery and let my muscles waste. i went into surgery with fairly good strength this time.
One of my mates recently had an acl reco with a cadever graft and was boarding after 3 months. he got on the push bike alot to get it there. im thinking push bike hard for 3 months then cross fit and plyometrics training after that will get me back on the board 5-6 months.

Dmac420sj 05-14-2013 9:23 AM

Last Friday saw a doctor and he told me I shooda been biking already and rehabbing the first doctor told me to keep the brace on 6 weeks which was keeping my knee weak. So after the doctor I got and and and rode my 24" cruiser for the first time in 6 weeks and smashed it knee felt strong got tired fast but strong! Saturday 2 miles on my bike took the boat out did a lot if swimming. Sunday biked in the morning(2miles) and plated 18 holes of golf. Monday went to the lake swam and took a nice long set on the wake skate! I was on a mind fu&k! Now I'm on beast mode gonna be playing basketball by next week!!:)

xstarrider 05-14-2013 3:22 PM

I am with Spence. Mine has never felt the same.

My injury was bad tho. I did the Trifecta and then one. I tore my acl,mcl, pcl, and shredded my meniscus. It was off a d up. Didn't wreck or anything. Just apparently landed a little stiff. I just thought I tweaked it at first. Sat in the boat for couple hours with some ice on it. Then I went to get off the boat on the the dock. Stepped up and my entire knee buckled.

I can do everything I could before play hockey 3-5 times a week ride 2-3 times a week in the summer. Snowboard at least 30 days. But the minute I take a break and go back its a little tender.
I used a CTI for almost 2 full seasons. It was more mental than anything. 14 mos post op tho I had to go have a scope to clean out all the scar tissue. I had a patella graft as well. Regarded as the strongest, but also the most painful. I still am still tender a bit on the front of my knee kneeling down 4 yrs later. It will be that way for life.

Snowboarding is really the only sport I still feel some pain. It because of the meniscus/ cartridge damage tho not the acl. It's my front foot so it takes all the abuse in the crud and hard pack off the bootees. I use keniesi(sp) tape to help .

Like I said tho. I can do everything I could before. So I am fully confident. I just don't feel the same. It aches from time to time

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