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kriskussee 04-01-2013 3:47 PM

Phase 5 Diamond XL or Model X
I'm ready to pull the trigger, but can't decide which board to go with... I'm 6' 2" 195lbs and have as nice of a wave as a Centurion Avalanche can make. I have an Inland Surfer 4 skim that I love (but I ride it with a large 6 cm fin not the standard small 3 cm fin). I have ridden a Phase 5 Danielo Pro Carbon XL and liked it, but had a tough time staying in the wave at times.

I have read and been told the Model X has a more surf feel, big bottom turns and airs, but when changing from the 3 -" fins to 1" fins it starts to work like a skim style board. The Danielo Diamond has 1 - 1" fin and is shaped and works like a Pro Carbon, but with a "diamond shaped tail" therefore more forgiving than a Pro Carbon and more down the line speed. I wonder how the Diamond would work with a 2" fin...

I lean more towards the skim style tricks, spins board slides, shove-its. If you have had any experience with either of these boards, let me know what you thought, (your body size, wave size and riding style would help too).

wolfe_drew 04-02-2013 8:20 PM

I think you'd like the Model X as a nice change from you IS which the Diamond would more closely resemble. I like the versatility of the Model X and think its a very fun board to ride.

FWIW - I'm 5'-9", about 180 and spend weekends behind a Moomba Mojo with some 3,700+ lbs of ballast.

kriskussee 04-04-2013 9:12 AM

Went with the Diamond XL. From all the research and phone calls it seems the Diamond is the best skim style board for 200lbs and up. It sounds like the Model X can do almost anything well and would be a bunch of fun, but its a hybrid, kind of like shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle. I'd rather have a high performance surf style and a high performance skim style board on the boat than one with a change of fins that can do both well. Thanks for the info and help Wakemitch @ CMS.

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