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chelms2206 04-01-2013 1:09 PM

Need some help picking out a board!
Ive been looking for a new board for this year. Been leaning towards the hyperlite Marek but not really sure. Last year I rode the Ronix Parks board and the LF Harley. Liked the Harley but it didnt really seem to hold up tthat well i went through two last summer. Im pretty much at a basic beginner level. Im 6'2 230 so obviously a bigger board and thats why i was attached to the Marek and wanting to try the system bindings this year no other reason i was attracted to it. I only ride behind the boat no cable. Thanks for the advice.

wakedaveup 04-01-2013 1:19 PM

Riding a Ronix Parks board as a beginner was not the best board for you to be honest. Parks has historically produced some of the most aggressive shapes in the industry (especially his rockers). You said the Harley didn't hold up but you only ride boat, what part of it didn't hold up just out of curiousity? I ride boat and cable weekly and have ridden my 2012 LF shane hybrid for the past 8 months without breaking it or really even messing it up at all. It's scratched up like crazy but that's about it so wondering why your Harley didn't hold up. LF is a great brand, if you liked the Harley, try another board in their line. Possibly something with a grind base, the board will be slightly heavier but more durable and as a beginner, I doubt you'll even notice the difference.

While researching boards, do some research on rocker shapes as well and the differences between 3 stage, continuous, and hybrid. You may find with that education you can better find a board that suits you.

chelms2206 04-01-2013 1:32 PM

I wasnt to thrilled with the Parks board at first but i got used to it after a bit. The fiberglass around the insert area pealed up, it never cracked but the inserts were loose to where i could stick my fingers all the way under my binding when tilted forward. The second one seemed to start doing the same thing but then the end of summer came so i havnt been on it since.

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