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RossDantonio 03-28-2013 1:39 PM

System Binding Canted Footbeds
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Anyone else love the feel and response of the System binding but bothered by the middle brace?

I have a normal arch but from time to time find my feet cramping due to the middle brace. I prototyped a footbed last season that removed the center arch and utilized canting technology from snowboard bindings.

I noticed that covering the middle brace eliminated arch cramping / bruising and the canting increased board control as myself and others felt more centered on the board.

Last season snowboard binding footbeds were modified to prove the theory, this season they'll be cast with an appropriate density foam for myself and friends. What's everyone's take on the theory?


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Bam6961 03-28-2013 4:49 PM

i like my systems too, maybe your system binding is to big for your boot, so the boot is resting on the arch of the binding... mine do it a little bit, but just at the ends, i wear a 10 boot and have the large system and i don't feel any cramping.

the reason why you feel more response is because your higher off the board therefore having more leverage when cutting, but if those help i would try making them slimer, they just seem way to thick or try and make something in the boot or even cut out some of the boot where it touches the arche of the binding, just some other ideas...

RossDantonio 03-28-2013 5:28 PM

Thanks for the input! Binding can't be too big for the boot as I'm wearing a size 12. The footbed actually looks a lot taller than they actually are, the inside is only .5m off the arch with the outside is 2.5 cm taller than the arch.

ilboarder12 03-28-2013 8:45 PM

interesting idea ross. if your riding a hyperlite or slingshot with the channel system, why not use a burton channel compatible disc and run your canted snowboard bindings on your waterboard? i rode missions (with a custom lowback) on my slingy the last few seasons with system murray boots no problem.

Hooya 03-29-2013 4:46 AM

from a biomechanical point of view, with so many knee injuries (it seems) in wakeboarding not sure one would really want their feet canted.

RossDantonio 03-29-2013 5:02 AM

Good idea Zane! I'm on a Bio Marek and Franchise, no channel options for me. Jason, just curious why you think canting could cause issues for someone with a knee injury? From my observations they realign the leg removing stress from the ankle, I would assume they would keep the knee more inline as well. I'm curious as I'm forced to ride with knee braces due to deteriorating cartilage from my motocross endeavors.

simplej 03-29-2013 5:46 PM

my wakeboard naturally has a few degrees of canting thanks to its 2.7 inch rocker line?

notice in snowboarding the canting is very small

wakerider111 03-29-2013 9:51 PM

i thought that the raised platform on many of the double-up shapes and now the Murray was to create a canted platform to improve the riders stance. Wasn't/ isn't the argument that as the distance between your legs increases it traces the path of an arc... the picture Leo Da vinci made comes to mind with the man and the outstretched arms and legs http://leonardodavinci.stanford.edu/...m/leonardo.jpg

Obrien introduced canted footbeds (with "power arches") back in 2011I think, and then LF copied them (read: sharing tech within motion watersports) and introduced canted beds a year later, hyping them up to be the latest and greatest. Too bad O'brien kinda takes a back seat to LF like that sometimes... but i am getting off topic.

Very kool tinkering with the boots. i have done some mods to my boots in the past (footbed inserts, adding straps, using neo sock inserts). it is fun to play around with that stuff.

wakerider111 04-01-2013 2:02 AM

this thread has actually got me thinking about the effect that Flex in flex boards has on things. flex is constantly changing the angle of ones feet regardless of canted footbeds... not to rob the original posts direction

RossDantonio 04-01-2013 3:50 AM

No worries Jeremy! Board flex is also something Interested in, I haven't had the footbeds on a flex board yet, but in theory they would provide a more level platform when the rider is in a nose or tail press, resulting in improved balance and board control. Planning to make a cable trip this spring to see what effects (if any) they have when pressed.

bill 04-01-2013 8:48 AM

I don't really UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM LOOKING AT , is this for inside the boot? or is this laying on top of the binding? I wear the systems have a set of bindings on both my boards , old style on the Watson hybrid for cable and newer toe piece version on my standard Bside wakeboard and been wearing them going into my third season and not sure the issue you are talking about. I wear the boots at the cable park for over 3 hours without taking them off, constantly walking out of the water over land and standing in line that back on board and back riding, haven't noticed cramps at all..

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