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dellwo2010 03-27-2013 9:02 PM

Axis A22
Thinking about purchasing an Axis A22 down south. thoughts on the A22? Thanks!

03-28-2013 7:23 AM

I love my A22 by far the best wake you can buy for the price. They keep it simple but still Stylish inside boat and focused on the hull design. You will not be happier. What state down south are you looking to buy in I could help you out. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/03/28/9u6eryze.jpg

dellwo2010 03-28-2013 2:11 PM

I found a used Vandall Edition in Kentucky

dellwo2010 03-28-2013 2:12 PM

For your wake how are you weighting it for surfing?

03-28-2013 5:21 PM

On surf side back hard tank and 750 bag center tank full front arrow bag full then if nobody in boat but driver 1100 on surf side bench seat.

ferral 03-28-2013 9:08 PM

The wakeboard wake is hard to beat. You can have it nice and rampy or put on a lip if you prefer. I even impressed a die-hard nautique guy who expected not to like it. Very versatile and clean wake down to about 17 or 18 mph. With full ballast I run at 24-25. Wake was big enough to scare me a bit the first time I filled everything :)

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