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Brendon444 03-27-2013 7:43 PM

System Upgrade, Increasing Amp power?
That time of year again, just like everyone else thinking of upgrading.

Thinking of changing Amp configuration in my boat to get more out of my system. I'm wondering if this will be worth while noticable difference or not worth it.

Sanger V215
Current System:
Amps: JL Audio MHD900/5, Arc Audio KS 600.2
Speakers: 4- Exile Sx65c all in cabin100x4, 2-Rev410 400X2
Subwoofer: Alpine Type R 12" 500x1
Deck: Alpine 9887

Thinking of getting a Wetsounds Syn4 and SD4 + 4 more Exile Sx65c, 6 in cabin+2 in bow total.
Syn4 on 8-Exile Sx65c 200x4 each speaker seeing 100 watts.
SD2 on 2-Rev410 685x2
Arc Audio Ks600.2 on Type R 1200x1

Question is am I going to notice a big difference on the 410's and sub by making these changes. All started by wanting to add 2 bow speakers. If not going to make a big difference just add a lot more battery drain I'll just add 2 bow speakers on a small 2 channel or off deck.

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