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malibu 03-25-2013 4:57 PM

Mercury Smart tow depth finder
Does anyone know where the depth gauge transducer is located on a 2011 Supreme V212 with Smart Tow? We can get water temp and the other functions but no depth.

roomservice 03-26-2013 8:54 AM

the transducer for depth and temp are the same thru the hull module. You prob need to go to the smart tow gage calibration screen and set it up to read depth. Go to the owners manual and it'll walk you thru how to set up external sensors. good luck.

malibu 03-26-2013 7:55 PM

Thanks Greg! I will check out the calibration screen. I found a paddle wheel transducer on the bottom of the hull and was wondering if this was the only transducer or if there was a separate one for the depth.

malibu 05-03-2013 8:55 AM

Greg.. we found the transducer, turns out it has a label that says it is a Airmar model ST610 on the Owner's Guide & Installation instructions, it says it is a (Thru-Hull Speed/Temperature Sensor with Valve). nothing about Depth. The boat shop that has Supreme boats say that transducer is a depth transducer, speed, and water temperature . After looking into our paper work, I found a Smartcraft Depth Transducer Wiring Connections and it shows three depth transducers a In Hull, Through-the-hull, and a Transom mounted.I've call and talked to irene at Airmar and told me that the ST610 does not do depth but she looked on her computer and it said that they did ship out in special Mercury built shipping boxes a P-79 In-Hull transducers. these transducers were glued to the inside of the hull and filled with mineral oil. She did say that if our boat sat for 2 years that the mineral oil might have leaked out and that might be the problem.The new problem is where did they installed this P-79 transducer. I do have a request into to Supreme Fineline to see if they know if KK put a P-79 transducer in and if KK did where it is located?

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