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gwake1989 03-25-2013 1:23 PM


If this video doesn't get you pumped to ride and for summer..... Wow great video Rathy!

homedawg678 03-25-2013 1:27 PM

Getting ready to ride now, just what I needed

brhanley 03-25-2013 1:52 PM

Wow, way to get after it. Nice to see a pro shredding some rougher water for a change, not just perfect glass...sure reminds me of summer.

King12 03-25-2013 2:41 PM

What is he wearing on his right leg around the 2:10 area? his braced leg doesnt have anything

durty_curt 03-25-2013 9:25 PM

That Method Grabbed Roll 2 Blind Was 2 Legit!

bschall 03-25-2013 9:57 PM

Rathy is sick af. Hands down one of my favorite riders. I hope to see more from him this summer. It is also nice to hear rap used in a video in this age of electronic music. The song is Palace by ASAP Rocky if anyone was curious.

runin90lx 03-26-2013 3:29 AM

its nice to see a vid with the pros wiping out for a change too! usually they never show their crashes...makes me feel better knowing they do crash alot too haha

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