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shawndoggy 03-24-2013 11:09 AM

Here's a question I can't seem to find the answer to. Is there a battery with the footprint of a group 24, but larger vertically (i.e. "taller")?

My boat has a recessed battery well under the observer's seat, sized for two group 24s, which is kinda weak. Looking for upgrade options when the current batteries croak.

Midnightv10 03-25-2013 9:53 PM

I think group 24 is one of the tallest of all the groups.
How many batteries are you running? Just the 2?
FWIW.. Deka 6 volt golf cart batteries fit in those wells..

shawndoggy 03-26-2013 10:17 AM

Yeah, just the two. We do very very little floating with the stereo on and if it is on it's at like 5-10% (conversational levels), so haven't really seen the need for a huge stereo reserve. Mine's been rewired with a blue sea add a battery kit and the stereo is all on one battery, with rest of the boat on the other. Both batteries seem to be holding up similarly if my charger is to be believed (both will still hold a 12.5v charge a few weeks after being on the charger).

Nonetheless, when the time comes to replace, I'd sure like to put the biggest batteries that will fit.

polarbill 03-26-2013 11:05 AM

It looks like a Golf cart battery(group number GC2) is a little shorter in length and a little wider in width but not by much. The problem is with a traditional Golf cart battery you would need 2 to get to 12V. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure Deka makes a 12V golf cart battery although it might be an AGM(expensive). I will take a look and see if I can find it and get back to you. It you do go this route you may need to do a single group 24 or group 34 starting battery and a single 12v golf battery. You batteries might not match.

Midnightv10 03-26-2013 2:57 PM

Yes Deka makes a 12 volt golf cart battery but it is BIG. I think they are around 13-1/2" long. Too big for the MB battery wells I'm afraid.

polarbill 03-26-2013 6:33 PM

Russ, you are right. The part number is GC12V but it is 3 inches longer than a group 24. Bummer.

bwake 03-27-2013 2:38 AM

Hi Brett,

Sent you a pm if you have a minute at some stage.


Midnightv10 03-27-2013 7:02 AM


Does it matter if your battery banks are different?
Meaning the batteries in each bank are the same but the banks are different.

shawndoggy 03-27-2013 10:13 AM

My old boat had different batteries on either side of the add-a-battery. One group 29 for the boat loads (starting, gauges, etc), and two group 27s for the stereo. worked fine.

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