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Bogdog 03-23-2013 6:23 AM

Warning Labels? Removal of.
Looking for some advice on removing warning Labels on my new boat. I find it kinda surprising that I need to be told not to tow the Kids by the ankles or not to smoke a joint whilst inspecting that heavy gas smell at the back......

Anybody have ideas on the best way to remove them, on my centurion they came off in millions of little pieces, what solvent would you use to get rid of the goo left on the gel coat, upholstery etc?

bryce2320 03-23-2013 6:28 AM

Heat gun and a plastic scraper. Goo gone or something like that if the glue is still there

NotSure123 03-23-2013 7:42 AM

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This stuff is amazing...seems like I use it weekly. Got it from Advance Auto Parts I believe...

Kiteflyer 03-23-2013 2:21 PM

Get a 3M Stripe off wheel, works great. Will not mess up your gelcoat. I'm currently using one on my old Nautique. Look it up on youtube.


ian_ashton 03-23-2013 6:34 PM

Mine just peeled right off, no residue or anything.

DealsGapCobra 03-26-2013 11:45 AM

Peal them off when they are warm. If there is any adhesive, use a piece of packing tape to 'blot' it, most will stick to the tape and come off. The bit that is left will wipe off with one of the products above or just use WD-40.

tyler97217 03-26-2013 12:00 PM

If it is a new boat they should just peel off with little or no residue. Definitely easier when it is warm or use a heat gun or hair dryer. If it does leave any residue there are tons of things you can use. I typically use Acetone or Lacquer Thinner on a rag, but all the other things listed above will work too.

k59 04-06-2013 9:02 AM

For a boat that's a couple years old, try this trick that worked for me at some sun-caked-on labels (both on the tower and in the boat).

1. Cut a sheet of paper towel and fold it about the same size as the sticker.
2. Cut a sheet of plastic from a grocery bag or trash bag or similar plastic.
3. Using Goo-Gone gel or other removal agent, saturate the paper towel.
4. Press the paper towel against the sticker (or whatever's left of it.
5. Cover the paper towel with the plastic bag sheet and duct tape around it on all four sides.
6. Wait a couple hours. Within a few hours it should have peeled off by itself or require a simple peel and go from you.

Hope this helps-I had some sun-baked stickers on my tower that weren't coming off to save my life. The above idea came to me and worked like an amazing charm.


Dmac420sj 04-06-2013 5:28 PM

Leave them on!!! Sometimes you just need to be reminded!! And knowing Is half the battle.

rdlangston13 04-07-2013 9:49 AM

i pulled the sticked off of mine and then wiped the area with some goo gone, seemed to work good

kirk 04-07-2013 11:11 AM

Better leave them on. I think its kinda like taking the tag off your mattress. It's a 50K fine and federal imprisonment if you do.

Watch out... the Feds now have your number....;)

bftskir 04-07-2013 11:19 AM

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others less informed might drive the boat and they are who the warnings are for.

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