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drnate 03-22-2013 3:53 PM

WetSounds XXX V2 powered by an SD@
As the title states, has anyone powered a triple X V2 sub with an SD2? This is the way that I am leaning.

And what would be your recommendations for someone to build the enclosure? I absolutely could not do it myself but I obviously wouldn't mind paying someone to do it for me. Any leads appreciated on that.

bryce2320 03-23-2013 6:26 AM

The SD2 would b money on the XXX. Wire the voice coils in series so it'll see a 4 ohm load at the amp.

Any shop can build you a box, but it can make or break the performance of the sub. I think wetsounds has a box design recommendation on their website for a ported box. Even a properly tuned L ported box would b fine. What's kind of boat is it going in? Where at? Any size limitations? With that info some guys here can get you going in the right direction.

jonyb 03-23-2013 7:15 AM

We've built the enclosure's for XXX's according to the manual and they hammer! Hydrotunes also has one out with a triangulated port that we had built a couple for my boat that were good.

david_e_m 03-23-2013 7:22 AM

The SD2/XXX12 combo is perfect.
For that level of sub with that level of internal pressure, I like to see .75" construction with a 1.0" baffle and an encapsulated terminal cup.

Earmark Marine

drnate 03-23-2013 2:39 PM

Thanks for the responses guys. The sub would going into a Centurion Enzo 240. I would prefer to keep the sub in the observer's compartment. I know a lot of guys are putting these at the foot of the driver's seat but I need all the leg room I can get.

I would definately want the box professionally built either way. I suppose I could get a local shop to do it, but I'd rather have it done by someone who has done it before. (no dealer anywhere near me here)

My other option is an XS12 powered by a syn2.

About $1K difference between the two options, do you guys think it would be worth it to step up to the XXX with SD2?

davidggriffith 03-23-2013 3:15 PM

I have a syn2 with the xxx sub in my Sanger v215 and sounds great

jonyb 03-23-2013 4:29 PM

An XS12 powered by a Syn2 would be fine, but nowhere near as loud.

I'll post pics later of an Enzo that I put a couple XXX's in.

jonyb 03-23-2013 7:23 PM


Houstonshark 03-23-2013 7:33 PM

I have a SD2 powering a XXX V2 in the Wet Sounds designed dual vented enclosure in my boat. The SD2 replaced a JL HD1200/1.

I haven't had a ton of time in the boat to tune it since installing it but so far, I'm impressed. The sub seems to sound a little smoother and have a little more control.

I do wish the SD2 had a subsonic filter, though I haven't really noticed the lack of it since changing from the 1200/1. The SD1 will have it once it comes out so I may upgrade to it just because.

Here's my enclosure:






drnate 03-24-2013 6:04 PM


yes, I came across your thread when doing a search. I love your install, super clean.

Thanks, John, I like that clean looking install also. I am leaning toward putting it into the observer's compartment as I need all of the leg room that I can get.

tn_rider 03-24-2013 9:47 PM

I had a L7 12 in my last boat and it was in the observers compartment...ill never have one there again. Unless I got the side of the walkway cut for a vent. It sounds WAY too muffed with it in that compartment. If you put it in the passenger side your going to want to vent it. I'm going to be having 2 12's in my boat. One under the driver and one in the passenger. I'm going to see about cutting the walkway tray thingy in my wakesetter out on the passenger side to make it sound better. In my last boat it was a pain to have the compartment open just to make it sound good. Besides a captains chair the passengers seat is the favorite so they always wanted to close it and sit there.

drnate 03-26-2013 7:01 AM

I have definately gotten a lot of advice about not putting the sub in the observer's compartment. But I will say that my compartment is fairly well vented to the center of the boat and to the bow of the boat. My current 10" sub sounds great in there. But I am still torn and deciding. I would hate to spend the money just to baffle any extra bass that I might gain but I need all the leg room that I can get also.

david_e_m 03-26-2013 7:13 AM

I would rather have a 10-inch sub under the driver's helm versus a 12-inch sub behind the observers seat.
A 12-inch sub typically has a 2 dB gain over a 10-inch sub of the same construction. You can lose 5 to 6 dB gain in the port locker.
Venting into adjoining cavities such as the bow is counter productive.
There are 12-inch subs that will work perfectly (.8 Qtc) in a 1.0 cu.ft. net sealed enclosure. With .75" construction and driver displacement that's an enclosure that is less than 14"X14"X14" or any rectangular or wedge shape of equal volume.

Earmark Marine

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