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viking 03-20-2013 8:57 PM

Calling on Tige Z3 owners
if you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?
Options you would definitely have? Live without? Do yourself to save some bucks and/or do it better than factory/dealer? Just wanting some input as I shop!
Thanks in advance!

simplej 03-21-2013 7:57 AM

eek no z3 owners posting. options are similar so i guess ill take about that as a tige owner...

make sure you get all the ballast you can. Flex gel is a must, windscreen i wish i had... colored tower is awesome. Stereo is SICK from the factory but if youre ambitious you could do it yourself, oh and clamping racks. everything else i would want is more or less standard. good luck!

bruizza 03-21-2013 12:08 PM

I paid significantly more to have the mirror arm with the fancy mirror and it was a total waste of money. The fancy mirror is AWESOME!!! However with the mirror arm all I can see on the starboard side is 2 Rev 10s. So if you get the fancy mirror just get the bracket that hooks it to your windshield.

boardman74 03-21-2013 3:35 PM

Most of the must have options come on the Z3. Tige touch, better vinyl, alpha Z. Clamp racks are nice but they are way over priced IMO. You will need lots of ballast, but its cheaper to do it yourself if you are handy. Same with the stereo. Bimini with surf pockets is nice.

viking 03-21-2013 6:45 PM

Thanks guys. Some of my thoughts were:
ballast - order it with surf package and then swap out the bags for bigger.
409 - $6000 is alot but might be worth it on a big boat especially to slalom every now and then.
underwater LED's - don't need them but I want them.
Want Rev10's and Rev 8's and would probably do the system myself or have dealer do it and save a few bucks.
Was wanting the surf bimini, clamp racks, and wide angel mirror so thanks for the feeback on those. They are all expensive :eek: but probably all nice features?
Heater and shower a must. Snap in carpet is fine and Poseidon mat I don't think I want. The Flex Paint package I still don't understand...............Want a White hull and Deck with accent colors so figured I'd save the $3K and go that route but I'm open to feedback as to why the Flex Paint?
I'm sure there's more but that's my questions now.
Thanks all!!

simplej 03-21-2013 6:52 PM

Flex paint gives you the option for all the wild gel coat lines you see on the deck. If you go to the boat configuration you'll see you can choose
Also I'd like to upgrade to Poseidon mat but I'm concerned about noise. Any experience vs carpet?

cwb4me 03-21-2013 7:02 PM

Nothing noticeable. I have had my POSEIDON MATS.CLAMPING RACKS AND WIDE ANGLE MIRROR for a year now and love them all! Poseidon Mats are very comfortable on your feet as well as letting water run right through them.

simplej 03-21-2013 7:04 PM

i feel like its louder with the carpet out... who knows.

jdhart73 03-21-2013 8:45 PM

-Get the pro ballast
-Get the middle cleat for tying up bumpers at dock etc
-Skip clamp racks, I ordered mine without and bought Sampson racks
-I agree on underwater LED's
-posiedan mat is awesome
-believe it or not the 343 is fine, I don't slalom anymore though.
-No need for flex scheme, mine is basic and I like it

viking 03-22-2013 8:34 AM

Nice looking boat. Color scheme i threw together on Tige site was very similar.
Good call on extra set of cleats (i think 4 come standard)?

bruizza 03-22-2013 9:24 AM

The Poseidon mat is AWESOME! I highly recommend paying the money to upgrade to it. I would skip ordering the surf bimini from Tige and have a local canvas shop do it. Tige wanted some absurd amount of money for the surf bimini. Our local canvas shop did ours for $250. It was also much cheaper to have our local dealer install the system we wanted instead of having it done at the factory.

I would never order a 23' boat with only the standard 343. Pay the 6k and get the 409 you won't regret it.

jdhart73 03-22-2013 9:43 AM

Bruizza won't pay for a surf Bimini but has to fork 6k for the bigger engine? To each their own I guess?
For the record I have the surf Bimini with the extension and its nice as hell, had it on my rz2 and it was nice there as well. Also had a 343 in my rz2 and power was no issue.

bruizza 03-22-2013 12:52 PM

I paid for the surf bimini I just didn't pay the $800 or so Tige wanted. I paid $250 to have a canvas shop sew on surf pockets. Somehow that is a bad thing??? If I could of had an engine shop put in a ZR409 for 4k instead of the 6k Tige wanted I would have a had that done as well. I have the RZ2 with the 343 and it is fine. My point is if we had gotten a Z3 I would have forked over the 6k for the ZR409.

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