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GoinBoarin 03-20-2013 12:30 PM

Denver Colorado
I live in Iowa and I have found a boat for sale in Denver Colorado. Does anyone live there that could give it a look over for me before I drive out there. Just to make sure it's as nice as he says it is.

bruizza 03-20-2013 3:10 PM

I live in the Denver area. Got a link to the boat? You can PM me if you like.

bryce2320 03-20-2013 3:52 PM

Or post it up so we can all eye f*** it :D:D:p

And of course, judge:rolleyes::banghead::p

baitkiller 03-20-2013 3:56 PM

Call Tommys service dept. and give them a couple hundies to give it a real inspection. Still cheaper than airfare.

GoinBoarin 03-20-2013 8:25 PM

Got it taken care of, thanks tho. Ill post pics later

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