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SRFSTYLE 03-19-2013 8:29 PM

J.Sleigh wakesurfboards?
I was referred by a friend to get a board through this shaper Josh Sleigh. I did some research on him and I could not believe what I saw. Unless I did some research online I would of never known this guy might be the best surfer shaper in the world! Has any one else got a board from him? I came across a picture of a movie online I am yet to ask him about called Wake UP. I am hoping next when my board gets done to ask him about it. Has any one seen it? Is he underground in wakesurfing? I am stoked I got introduced to him.

leaks 03-20-2013 7:56 AM

Josh is a great guy. His dad is was an iconic North Shore board shaper. Josh has a liftimeof surfing history,knowlege, and an incredable wake, and ocean surfer. Talk to him. You wont go wrong.

gunz 04-04-2013 2:38 PM

I have the board from that dvd!......yes,the actual board.
Its my favorite board to ride DJJamesz's wake.

Josh does UNREAL things on a wakesurf board,lots of great riders in that movie.

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