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garveyj 03-19-2013 10:32 AM

New Boat Checklist
whats up fellow wakeworlders - I am about to be a first time boat owner (pick it up in a few weeks) and was starting to think about all the stuff that I will need in my boat. I am wondering if anyone has a good checklist to use or maybe what the typical things are. I have a few things that I have thought of but what else am I missing? Also - if you have a preference for a product to buy - can you post a link (like a certain anchor that you absolutely love). Here is what I have on my list:
  • dock lines
  • bumpers
  • anchor
  • extra life vests
  • an oar
  • jumper cables or a charge box


shawndoggy 03-19-2013 10:37 AM

duct tape (ha, ya never know)
electrical tape
boat registration and insurance (was surprised at how many didn't have this at coast guard boat inspection last summer)
spare boat key / spare tow vehicle key (don't ask!)
first aid kit
a knife
goggles/mask and snorkel (for cutting ropes out of your prop with that knife I just suggested)
a giant magnet for treasure hunting

williamburell 03-19-2013 10:37 AM

small box with adjustable wrench, duct tape, 4 in 1 screwdriver, pliers, etc.

don't forget some really fat chicks to maximize wake and food to feed them (no cheetos)

williamburell 03-19-2013 10:38 AM

good call on the first aid kit but if you can't duct it...........Seriously though electrical tape is the best band aid ever made

chattwake 03-19-2013 10:41 AM

Ice luge
Shot ski
Large cooler
Gas powered blender

chattwake 03-19-2013 10:44 AM

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williamburell 03-19-2013 10:45 AM


Gas powered blender
Don't listen to chatt. They make the margaritaville ones with battery packs or get an inverter.

chattwake 03-19-2013 10:46 AM


I have one. It is awesome. That is all.

williamburell 03-19-2013 10:53 AM

It must weight alot too!

I thought those things were bigger?


MCObray 03-19-2013 11:23 AM

Extra prop?

grant_west 03-19-2013 11:29 AM

A tool box is a good item to have . The way to get a good tool box going is. Just start thinking about the items you might need. I have found the Pre made tool kits have a ton of stuff that YOU DONT need and Very little of what you do need. That's why you need to custom make you own one. Start with the soft bag style. They are soft so they will not hurt your interior. They are easy to pull in and out of your boat Ect.

Some items I didn't see on some of the posts
Small Flash light
A "Throw" (personal life preserve)
Fire suppressor.
Leatherman (Multi tool)

austin 03-19-2013 11:33 AM

I would recommend 2 paddles instead of just 1. Every time I've actually had to use a paddle when a boat ran out of gas or had engine trouble I've wished the boat owner had 2 instead of just 1.

Some other things not already mentioned that you might want:
boat cleaner/vinyl cleaner/vinyl conditioner
extra towels
throwable life preserver (a requirement in at least some states)
inboard engine flusher (if you don't have flush kit installed)
floating keychain

stuff for tow-vehicle and trailer that you may not already have:
air compressor
wheel chaulks
adapter for plugging the trailer's lights and brakes into your tow-vehicle (probably a 5-straight-pins to a big-circular thing)

As for your anchor question, based on opinions I've seen in other threads here I bought a box anchor for my first boat that I just got. (http://www.slideanchor.com/Hlm_ShopI...1-c5e749bb8688) I got the "small."

moon 03-19-2013 11:47 AM

Anchor Buddy, Sand Spike, extra rider down flag, fire ex,

patrick232 03-19-2013 12:06 PM

Floating knife for cutting rope off shaft. As noted before don't ask.

jonblarc7 03-19-2013 12:51 PM

Trailer straps so If you get in a wreck the boat will stay on the trailer.


tonyv420 03-19-2013 12:52 PM

Shawndoggy! thats a mirror image of my list!! LOL And Chatt, Love the boob ballast!!

fman 03-19-2013 6:31 PM

Think about spending some extra money on a good anchor, these are awesome. Throw it out and forget about it, they wont pull up in high wind conditions...


Also... to add to Shawns list, extra drain plug, extra cheap pair of sunglasses in glove box (you will need them someday when either someone breaks yours or they go over into the lake), gorilla tape (stuff is amazing), extra cell phone charger.

Gnargnar 03-19-2013 6:41 PM

I also keep a fresh superglue on board for any skin lacerations that aren't too bad

you_da_man 03-19-2013 6:46 PM

As mentioned a good multi-tool, bottle opener, koozies (you can never have too many), zip-ties (came in handy for broken bikini hooks/clasp a couple times on my boat), and a loud whistle (in case your horn stops working you're still legal or for emergency).

tigeidaho 03-19-2013 6:47 PM

X2 on the box anchor. Extra suntan lotion. X2 on the insurance and regs. Congrats on the new boat

ironj32 03-20-2013 5:59 AM

Jeff, congrats on the new boat. What'd you get?

I've got quite a bit of stuff that I might be willing to get rid of...extra bumpers, extra life jackets, throwable, extra ropes, an anchor or two, and possibly some other stuff. It was all stuff I used for my 2000 Xstar. The G23 is a lot bigger, and I decided to beef up the equipment as well.

biggator 03-20-2013 6:54 AM

A class on how to run a boat. Seriously. It amazes me how many people I meet who buy boats and really have no clue about how to run them, rules of the road, etc.

chattwake 03-20-2013 6:55 AM

Anybody suggest jumper cables yet? Those are important.

chattwake 03-20-2013 7:02 AM

One other thing to have on any boat is some good cleaner and vinyl conditioner. I have used Boat Bling's products for the last two seasons, and could not be happier. Each and every time I use my boat I wipe the hull down with Hot Sauce to get all of the grime and water spots off. I also use the Vinyl Sauce and Conditioning Sauce on my interior to keep it clean and protected. Many people screw up their new vinyl by using harsh chemicals to clean theri interior and strip the protectants from the vinyl. Boat Bling's sauces don't do that. I've owned numerous ski/wakeboard boat since the late 90's, and one thing I've learned over the years is that the best way to keep your investment in great shape is to keep high quality cleaning products on board at all times.

bryce2320 03-20-2013 7:43 AM

I use boat bling too and love their vinyl sauce and conditioning sauce. I use vinyl sauce every time we use it, and conditioning sauce when I put it back in the storage unit at end of weekend. Good stuff!

migs 03-20-2013 9:19 AM

snorkle set and dive knife.
spare wake rope.
4 dock lines

chattwake 03-20-2013 9:24 AM

Gas station sunglasses; boat towel; asprine/motrin; tums; pepto; and solo cups.

boardman74 03-20-2013 9:42 AM

Fat Girls and cheetos!!!

Rad_Matty_D 03-20-2013 10:26 AM

flares/flare gun

lavinder 03-20-2013 10:27 AM

Extra gear I have on the boat at all times. (life jackets, Type IV throwable, bumpers, standard gear)
Anchor and Chain
extra rope
Extra dock lines
First Aid kit
Battery charger/jumper
bungie cords
paper towels in ziplock bag
3 bottle openers in different places
Extra orange flag
air compressor
Locking carbiner

garveyj 03-20-2013 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by ironj32 (Post 1812330)
Jeff, congrats on the new boat. What'd you get?

I've got quite a bit of stuff that I might be willing to get rid of...extra bumpers, extra life jackets, throwable, extra ropes, an anchor or two, and possibly some other stuff. It was all stuff I used for my 2000 Xstar. The G23 is a lot bigger, and I decided to beef up the equipment as well.

Thanks Jay - We are picking up an 03 Malibu Wakesetter - pretty excited for my first boat. I might take you up on that offer - send me a PM with what you have and what you want for them.

brycejb328 03-20-2013 1:05 PM

I dont think it has been mentioned.

- extra impeller for your jabsco or extra motor for your aerator pump (depending on your system)
- spare serpentine belt (they are cheap and take minutes to replace but could ruin your weekend if you shred one)
- little packet of dielectric grease
- little hand pump for airing up deflated bumpers
- cheap DC air mattress inflater for days you wanna chill on floaties (OR TUBING!! whoo)

I keep a lot of tune up type stuff on hand or buy double when I do buy it so I have an extra. Then when I need it again I dont have to look up part numbers. It always seems to be a headache to get certain things. Obviously I dont keep these items on the boat

Spark plugs
distributor cap

baitkiller 03-20-2013 1:26 PM

Toilette paper, Benedryl, big band aids and meat tenderizer are must have.

Corkscrew, bottle opener and a lighter. You would not believe how many friends can be made simply by having a lighter.

Gnargnar 03-20-2013 2:22 PM

+1 for putting paper towels in a ziplock. Just had to throw a fresh roll away cuz it was soaked

lavinder 03-20-2013 9:48 PM

A container of Kirkland Signature baby wipes is handy too. Good to wipe the boat down with in addition to sticky fingers.

NotSure123 03-21-2013 1:23 AM

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These boat bumpers are awesome...they're not abrasive like the rubber ones that I've found always mar/scratch your gelcoat. O and a floating beer pong table always comes in handy!

diamonddad 03-21-2013 2:05 AM

Love the funny pics, but on a serious note... I will not leave the dock without a tow rope ready to go in the front of the boat. Perhaps this is more needed in the delta but if my boat motor dies, I will need to find someone to save me from the wrap rock ASAP.

cwb4me 03-21-2013 4:41 AM

I didn't see sun screen.Ipod and a battery [pwr adapter] powered vacuum.Flares and a fire extinguisher.

jeff_mn 03-21-2013 7:26 AM

Can you imagine the cost and storage you would need if you bought every product that people have mentioned thus far?

Sun Screen
Battery Powered Vacuum
Tow Ropes
Boat Bumpers
Floating Beer Pong Table
Baby Wipes
Paper Towerls in a Ziplock
Toilet paper
Band Aids
Impeller for boat
Impeller for ballast
Serpentine Belt
Dialectric Grease
Hand Air Pump
Tool Box
Dock Lines
First Aid Kit
Batter Charger / Jumper box
Bungie Cord
Bottle Openers
Orange Flag
Air Compressor (wtf)
Locking Caribiner
Flare Gun
Pepto Bismal
Red Solo Cups
Snorkel / Dive Set
Spare wake rope
Fenders / Bumpers
Boat Clearning Products
Jumper Cables
Super glue
Spare Drain Plug
Gorilla Tape
Phone Charger
Trailer Straps
Floating Knife
Anchor Buddy
Fire Extinguisheer
2 paddles
Engine Flush Kit
Throwable Life preserver
Floating keychain
Full tool box
Spare Prop
Electrical Tape
Duct Tape
Spare Fuses
Large Cooler
Giant Magnet
Extra Life Vests

Thta should be about it.. Looks like this should only cost you as much as the boat and then you'll need a dinghy to store it all.. Perfect! :D

jeff_mn 03-21-2013 7:28 AM

And I didn't even add in the foolish stuff.

lavinder 03-21-2013 8:01 AM

I think I have most of that list in my boat. Extra ballast.

austin 03-21-2013 8:02 AM

Ha ha, yeah, I just bought my first boat, so I'm very interested in this thread. However, I don't think there's any way I could fit even half of the stuff on this list in my boat, so there's going to have to be some picking and choosing.

Gnargnar 03-21-2013 8:36 AM

Aside from a compressor and battery box which I would take on long trips in tow vehicle I literally have everything on that list, except I have a 12v vac.

brycejb328 03-21-2013 8:38 AM

I have a good portion of that list.

I forgot. I carry a extra winch strap for the trailer as well.

jeff_mn 03-21-2013 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by Gnargnar (Post 1812591)
Aside from a compressor and battery box which I would take on long trips in tow vehicle I literally have everything on that list, except I have a 12v vac.

You keep pepto bismal, red solo cups, baby wipes, impellers, a flare gun, a locking caribiner, super glue, a giant magnet and a snorkel set on your boat?

I'm impressed.

Bryce - you dont have half of this stuff on your boat.

MICAH_HARPER 03-21-2013 10:38 AM

i bring a an extra boat incase mine blows up and sinks

migs 03-21-2013 11:02 AM


Gnargnar 03-21-2013 11:28 AM

No flare gun or magnet but yea

ilikebeaverandboats 03-21-2013 11:37 AM

If you have a spare prop better have a prop puller and some wrenches..

Dmac420sj 03-21-2013 4:37 PM

I always have a soft lunch cooler with my bong and my jar ganja in it and a towel to keep them safe. And as far as a par get a paddle surfing one they are awesome!

Dmac420sj 03-21-2013 4:38 PM


will5150 03-22-2013 8:08 AM

Garvey's getting a boat? Nice! Jeff, give me the details, ballast, wedge, hours, you got any pics? It's been my experience that no matter how well you plan, you'll forget something for at least the first 4-5 trips out. By now everyone's weighed in so I;m not gonna bother- but if you need help getting it ready for the year, let me know. Make sure you repack the trailer bearings and have the seals changed right away- generally these get overlooked- and having burned an axle myself, it's no fun to deal with.

Send me pics!

williamburell 03-22-2013 8:10 AM

zip tie your plug to your steering wheel and it'll save you atleast 1 trip back to the house at some point

dvsone79 03-23-2013 4:58 PM

No one mentioned beer coozies yet. I'm appalled.

SangerTom 03-23-2013 7:12 PM

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Here's my list....yeah - I went a little overboard but actually use it every trip so I don't forget something.

paulharenberg 03-23-2013 7:44 PM

Its been mentioned before but see if the trailer has tie down straps and/or if the tie downs are included. Order some before you pick it up if not. It amazes me how many boats are sold without tie downs and some sort of back up in the front of the trailer in case of strap failure, i.e. an additional chain attached to the boat from the trailer.

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