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paulharenberg 03-18-2013 3:47 PM

Lehigh Valley PA / Western NJ
Looking for some reliable riders to ride with. I have a small crew and sometimes need a 3rd. I have a Malibu IRide with Wedge. Mostly wakeboard with some skiing and little to no surfing. Will not even attempt surfing if the water is average to great, so if thats your thing I'm not the guy to ride with.

Reply on here or shoot me a PM if you are in the area and looking to ride.


robway 03-19-2013 7:32 AM

Hey Paul, Where do you ride in PA? I Ride on Lake Harmony PA

paulharenberg 03-19-2013 4:44 PM


I ride on some of the boat-able sections of the Delaware River. Never been up to Lake Harmony, how is it up there?

dylanjustice41 04-10-2013 8:42 AM

I'd just need to know ahead of time but you can always try me for a third haha.
I think I'm about an hour and a half from you. So early morning saturdays/sundays are optimal. I could probably swing some evenings if I'm feeling daring.

paulharenberg 02-19-2014 7:10 PM

Same story, different day.

paulharenberg 08-14-2014 7:12 PM


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