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redsupralaunch 03-18-2013 2:40 PM

Ski/Wake Boat Market Share Report
Here is a stunning report of how small our market share is in the US compared to other boat sales. Ski/Wake is only 4.4% of powerboat segment. Even more shocking is the total. :eek:


Malibu/Axis, Mastercraft, Supra/Moomba, Correct Craft, Centurion, Tige, MB, Sanger, and Epic (sorry if I'm forgetting any), all combined, 2012 US Sales were 5460 which was up 9.4% from 4910.

boardjnky4 03-18-2013 7:46 PM

Not surprising at all. Coastal boating represents the majority of the market share in all likelihood.

rallyart 03-18-2013 9:54 PM

Thanks for posting. That's interesting.
If you look at it the market for bowriders of all types in our size is down but ski boats is up and accounts for 1/3 of those sold. Of course, a few years ago Malibu and Mastercraft sold more than 5460 boats just between them.

Sadly, 6X as many people bought pontoon boats as ski boats. Well there is not accounting for style.

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