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SangerTom 03-17-2013 6:23 PM

Boat Carpet Advise
I've re-read most of the threads on carpet replacement. Was seriously considering Seadek but I think I'm sticking with carpet.

The question - I have a 2005 V210 Sanger. It appears to have a wood subfloor. I'm looking for advise from anyone who has DYI the replacement on wood.

Do I need to seal the wood first? Glue it all down? I'm planning on just replacing the cockpit so my thought is to unscrew the seat bases and lift them up so I can slide the edge of the carpet underneath and then screw the bases back down.

Or - how much would it roughly cost to have a pro do it?


rallyart 03-17-2013 8:27 PM

You can easily remove all the interior pieces from you V210 by just unscrewing and lifting out. The seat backs can be accessed by nuts reached from behind the gunnels. Removing the carpet is then just pealing it off of its adhesive. You clean up what you can of the glue and reglue using contact cement. The wood should still be sealed but it is all treated and is actually rot proof stuff that's pretty high tech for plywood. You can seal the screw holes but the seat bases should go in just about the same place. You just won't know if they are exactly over the holes or not, and its probably not.
I have not done this on my Sanger so maybe someone else will post who has completed it to give you more details or cautions. If you have the time, it is not that difficult to redo the carpet.

grant_west 03-17-2013 8:53 PM

If you take it to a pro your going to pay around $600. Most of the carpets you can get at your local marine store or dealer are a joke. If your going to play with carpet check out the premium line of Corinthian Marines carpet . You can order a sample kit once you see and feel the good stuff the stock marine carpet feels so cheep and no wonder why it looks beat down so quickly . The Corinthian carpet I picked out as a viable option was gonna set me back $700 just for the carpet. So depending on how much you have to spend you have a few options. You might look into Rhino lining for the floor surface if you think you need to seal up some wood . But you should be able to just peal up the stock carpet then clean up the floor and then lay down new carpet.

SangerTom 03-18-2013 7:28 PM

Thanks for the input. I did get the Corrinthian carpet samples and other brands too. $600 to have it replaced isn't too bad - its that or body pain of bending my body in unnatural positions over several days.

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