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mytiburon 03-17-2013 11:58 AM

Opinions on these boards please.
Hello all, first post on the board, looking forward to being a part of the community! We just got our first boat and are excited to try wakeboarding, but we are looking into some used gear to try so we know if it is something we are into or not.

The first board we are looking into is a 128 hyperlight motive for wife and kids. Kids are small 40-60 pounds and wife is small approx 110 lbs.It comes with bindings for her at a price of 150$, also found a pair of liquid force youth bindings for 75 for the kids i hope will work. Does all of this sound ok and like it should work??

Secondly a gentleman at work has a 2003 jobe insight brett eisenhauer pro 138 with obrian bindings for $300, I am around 210 pounds, will this board work for me and is it a good price,i may be able to get it slighty cheaper.

Thanks for helping me out!

fly135 03-17-2013 12:24 PM

The Motive is a great board. You can't go wrong with it for your family or yourself (larger for you of course). In general I would say a 138 is a bit small for your weight, but still usable. Don't know much about the board, but searched and saw it was a 2003. A board that old with boots is worth about a $100. CL is full of stuff like that.

stephan 03-17-2013 12:31 PM

I think for the wife/kids the small Motive board will be perfect for the kids and small for your wife. Usually when learning a bigger board is easier to learn on, so it might be better for her to learn on your board (with proper fitting boots of course).

As for the Jobe board, the thing is 10 years old and $300 is not a good price. The designs of boards have progressed since '03 significantly. For roughly $300 you could get a brand new package board that will fit your needs better. Also at 210 pounds, get at least a 142, you will much prefer the larger board.

Spend a little extra on newer equipment. If you don't like the sport it would be easier to unload the newer gear. The more likely result is that you will all be hooked and the stuff you buy now will work for years as you teach other friends/family the awesome sport of wakeboarding! Also, welcome to WakeWorld, it has its ups and downs but for the most part everyone is pretty nice here.

mytiburon 03-17-2013 1:11 PM

Thanks, the old board is out, we will pick up the motive, now looking for another!

bschall 03-17-2013 7:31 PM


Check out this set up at Wakeroots.

Cheaper and newer than what you were looking at and its brand new with manufacture warranty.

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