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WakesurfSanDiego 03-16-2013 7:17 PM

Wakesurf Vacation Spot?
Want to go somewhere this summer where I can wakesurf. Want to make sure that there is a resort atmosphere there, and want to make sure that there is a watersports operator there that can get me a good pull every day, behind a boat properly set up for wakesurfing, and the operator will have surf boards so I don't need to fly with boards. Want a resort that has nice rooms, nice restaurants, other stuff to do, a spa possibly, etc...
If you have suggestions, please reply here. You may also email me directly at marco92067 at gmail

bigkdog100 03-22-2013 10:55 AM

Bullfrog at lake powell is pretty sweet. Doesn't quite have all the things your looking for though. It's a great atmosphere, fun/warm lake. (huge!) I don't know if they have people who can tow you and all that but they do have cool lodge. The resort is pretty secluded in the middle of no where but thats what we like!!

good luck!

Squid 03-26-2013 7:53 AM

You can alway vacation in Denver, I can pull you around some and there is all kinds of stuff off the lake to do...we don't do vacations but have had customers stop for a surf on there way to the Mtn...



CarZin 03-26-2013 8:09 AM

Yeah, most lake places I know are going to be more low key. Maybe the las vegas area would work. I know you can rent just about any tow boat by the day (up tp $750).

patrick232 03-27-2013 1:53 PM

Not sure if G Rides on Norris Lake will have lessons this year. Might want to give them a call. I can rent you our lakefront condo.

surffresh 03-27-2013 2:35 PM

oh yeah, just remembered my buddy Tyler, DFW Surf, right by the airport and right across the cove from The Gaylord Grapevine resort, look him up, good guy and a good spot !

shawndoggy 03-27-2013 5:37 PM

That's funny. I just figured this was a commando ad for the the OP's own business. Which I won't post a link to but you can find it in his profile.

WakeDirt 03-31-2013 9:20 AM

^^^Seems a bit like a "soft ball" question if you ask me..... Fishy

dennish 03-31-2013 11:54 AM

Marco is a standup guy just looking for a place to wakesurf on vacation. He teaches wakesurfing to a ton of people in the San Diego Area and is involves as CEO of a wakepark in the midwest.

packrat 04-21-2013 7:45 PM

I am going to check these guys out this summer. Looks like it could be a good way to get out on the water and do some wakesurfing.

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