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joeshmoe 03-16-2013 4:46 PM

Investment Property
Now is the time to buy!
This is a no brainer if you can get a loan, there is about 5000 sq ft for $100,000
The store is rented out and the two apartments upstairs are already rented out and the building brings in $1,400 a month.
its a thriving community
The economy has been down for so long that people that have had to sell for low values and have brought down the prices of buildings, this property was valued at $200,000.00 back in 1986 and will basically pay for itself!
Can anyone else find or know about a better investment property?

joeshmoe 04-06-2013 7:28 AM

ok, that one is gone, but this is nuts, some guy bought a $263,000.00 house for 107k and Tore the house down!
Excellent schools, no crime, right on lake Erie

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