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LeeG23 03-16-2013 4:01 PM

blacked out G23
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got my black with black metal flake G23 recently. Tinted windows yesterday. Stereo and LEDs occurring now. Gonna do a few custom things as well, will keep you guys posted.

delmage171 03-16-2013 5:01 PM

Tinted windows look so bad ass. I don't think i would like eating bugs at night though while sitting up looking over the windshield though!

MCObray 03-16-2013 5:16 PM

That is one good lookin' boat you have there. Those Gs, from the videos I have seen, put out one serious wake.

LeeG23 03-16-2013 5:35 PM

thx! i live on the lake so not a lot of night time driving unless super slow. The tint really keeps the dash cooler IMO.

boardman74 03-16-2013 5:37 PM

Looks sweet. I love the G23...maybe someday when money doesn't matter!!!

migs 03-16-2013 6:42 PM

Incredible !!! Can't wait to see the finished product.
Have u seen the black n white coastal G on PN?

LeeG23 03-16-2013 7:01 PM

i tried to order w colors, couldn't get away from black

tripsw 03-17-2013 1:24 PM

Already saw it on PN, but that's just Badass. Where I live I'd pick all white, but this looks awesome. Congrats!

DatTexasBoy 03-18-2013 6:53 AM

Great looking boat. Time to hit the water now and show it off!!!

chattwake 03-18-2013 7:08 AM

Gorgeous boat! I'm partial to solid black and white. This is how I would do a G23, except I'd have gone without graphics.

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