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wakenskate231 03-15-2013 9:57 AM

Need help on purchase of wakeboard boat.
Hey Guys, I am fairly new to wakeboarding been doing it a couple of years now. I have currently been wakeboarding behind a searay 182 (sad i know). I am looking to upgrade and have been looking at some used Wakesetters. I would like to get a used 05-07 23lsv. Having said that I would like to limit my purchase price to 45-50,000 tops. So i guess my question is if it was your money would you go with a older wakesetter or a newer boat like a Axis? I need to fit between 8-10 people on the boat. Any help would be appreciative.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

tripsw 03-15-2013 10:34 AM

Nothing sad about riding behind a Sea Ray; you're riding, right!?

Newer Axis vs older Wakesetter: go out in both, drive and ride behind them and see what you like best. Can't really go wrong with both. If you don't mind a more 'basic' boat like Axis, you could also look into a V-ride and save a couple grand.

dezul 03-15-2013 10:49 AM

Travis, where are you located at? I think with the size of boat you are talking about above, you won't have a problem with fitting that many people in it and more. Whatever you decide, good luck. Both are good boats and produce a nice wakeboard wake and surf wake.

JayManAR 03-15-2013 11:24 AM

I was in the same position of choosing between a used higher end wakeboard boat, or going with a brand new price point boat. I was also riding behind a sea ray (195 sport) last year. After weighing the pros and cons and knowing that I am fine with having something functional without all the bling, I went with a 2013 Axis. If you can, just demo both and then you'll know for sure.

jarrod 03-15-2013 11:33 AM

If I knew that I was going to take out 8-10 people regularly, I'd probably stick with the LSV. Nothing beats it for comfort and storage with big groups. The layout is configured perfectly.

scottb7 03-15-2013 11:37 AM

Not mine but you might want to get on this quick


wakenskate231 03-15-2013 12:38 PM

Thanks for the replies guys. Dezul I am located near Smith Mtn Lake Va.

ferral 03-15-2013 8:57 PM

I did the same thing last year, stepped up from my old I/O to a wakeboat. I ultimately went with a new 2012 axis, for a couple of reasons:

1. I prefer new. This way I have full factory warranty, and I don't have to take on any problems due to misuse or negligence on the part of a previous owner. I don't care about having the extra gadgets and chrome of a higher end boat

2. With my boat, I have just about 3 thousand pounds of ballast all hidden away and on switches. No dragging pumps around and bags on the seats or floor. My wife hates that.

3. Beyond that, it's all just personal preference and what you like. I really like the look of the axis and I think it really handles great. And of course it doesn't hurt that it's got my favorite wake. But you really can't go wrong with an LSV wake either.

Good luck, it's a fun problem to have.

johnny_defacto 03-15-2013 10:53 PM

more of what has been said.

I was in a similar situation and dilemma in 2011. I wanted the 05-08 VLX wake, 2nd favorite of all time, but my budget was exactly yours. I narrowed it down to a used VLX, new A22, or new 21Vride (same boat as 05-08 VLX).

I went with the New A22 because:

it was only a few thousand dollars more than an 06-07 VLX.
It was brand new, we got to build it exactly how we wanted it.
Being first owner with full warranty, new trailer, and get to break it in myself.
I wanted to avoid filling and draining fat sacks, but wanted to put a couple tons of weight in it to mimic my buddies VLX wake. Vrides have no option of front bow tank, so that would have been a lot of work, VLX has bow tank, 300 i think, maybe 350, but in order to get more weight up there you have to put a fat sack on the seats or put a lot of lead in the bow and I did not want to do either.
The axis has the front pnp sack (straight lines 900 sumo bow sack is the bag of choice over the fly high, imo) that fills to probably 650-700 or so which is over double of the malibu front tank.
Layout of the boat with chillax seats and slidebox seat is more friendly for watersports, though the malibu has a more comfortable feel to it.
A22 handles just like the VLX, will be similar to the 23 LSV.

The LSV would be nice because the bow is smaller with the cab-forward malibu design, the Axis bow is bigger and the cabin feels the size of the VLX. You will notice the 23 LSV will feel a lot bigger in the cab than the A22 and it will be noticeably quieter due to the carpet floor and seat bases. The LSV has a great rep for having a great surf wave, and some argue the 23 LSV of that era has the best malibu wakeboard wake of all time. In order to achieve the same size wake as the A22, you will need more weight and will most likely have a 1000 lb fat sack in the bow and a floor sack as well, but it would be a great wake. You can achieve an incredible wake on the A22 with a little bit of lead in the bow and the pnp sacks all full, nothing on the floor or seats or bow.

My buddy is looking for the same 06-07 23 LSV, they are few and far between, all around 45-55k. Good thing is they have already took their hit, so you will probably be able to sell it in a few years, or longer, for close to what you paid. The A22's are holding their values very well as each year their prices are increasing, like everything else, but you will take the new boat hit (which most likely is your down payment). The LSV will have no warranty of any kind except for the lifetime hull, i believe.

Tough choice, you cannot go wrong, really. 8-10 people is easy in both boats, but the LSV will do it better, unless a couple people choose the bow in the A22, then it will be a wash.

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