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seth 03-14-2013 4:19 PM

Buena Vista/Private lake, Bakersfield 3-16/17
Looking for people who want to ride and can drive this weekend. I have an 01 SAN with lots of extra weight.

I also have a private lake membership in Arvin (lake is being filled this weekend) to ride all summer. Lake is 8ft, wake gets plenty big. You need USA waterski membership and driver training to ride/drive, but it is butter all day everyday in the summer. If you are serious about riding, comfortable driving a fully weighted boat on a small lake, and want to ride here all summer, let me know. Most of my riding buddies have moved on and I cant get anybody to ride with. Boat is sitting out there ready to shred!

Call, text, whatever. I want to ride!!

Seth (805) 801-0273

westsidarider 03-14-2013 8:39 PM

Hey Seth. Long time no see or talk. Hoping to make it back down south a few times this year. Ill give ya a shout when I do. Or if you make it up my way holler at me.
Man I miss the days when I called BV and the private lakes in Arvin my backyard. Well, not entirely. Lake and delta life is pretty damn good up here but still, those were my stomping grounds for 20 years down there

seth 03-29-2013 2:54 PM

For sure man!

Looking for people to ride Buena Vista tomorrow, Saturday March 30th. Any takers?

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