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86skier 03-13-2013 3:44 PM

Roswell Tower Speaker Combo??
Hey, so I'm thing about installing this on my tower. I wall also going to put a Fosgate enclosed box. I like these becasuse they seem resonable for price and easy to install. But is there something better . Or more bang for the buck? Am I just wasting my money toward the purchase for something better?



Also, what amp setup should I go with? for Each.?

chpthril 03-13-2013 4:42 PM

Sub: That carpet covered MDF automotive enclosure will last a season or 2 in a boat at best. If you are looking for a marine-ready sub/enclosure option thats ready to go, look into the Kicker SKM-10 or build your own enclosure out of void-free birch thats rosin coated inside and out.

For your tower speaker option, what exactly are you looking for in terms of listening goals? $1700 for a pair of 6.5" and 5.25" speakers and lights may not be the best investment. A single pair of larger HLCD's would offer music for wake-board range and warmth at surf range, and would come in about the same with an amp included.

jonblarc7 03-13-2013 7:26 PM

If your set on a Roswell tower set up I have my Roswell set up I'm going to get rid of. It's not the swivel kind but four speaker with four lights. I'll save you a ton of money compared to that price. Send me a PM if you want.

mikebu 03-14-2013 3:11 PM

Before buying that Roswell tower check out something from here:


I'm having the SXT Surf Package 2 installed in my boat right now along with their 6 in-boat speaker package and one of the Subwoofer packages.

DQ 03-14-2013 4:34 PM

If I was you I would look at http://www.wetsounds.com/pages/products/XST-650.html. You could get (2) pair of these and an HT-2 amp for way less or you could look at getting a pair of REV10's and an HT-4 with alot more sound coming off your tower. The way I look at it is 1779.00 for two pairs of the XST650's, an HT-2 and an AS-10 powered sub.With the Roswell and Rockford stuff you will still need an amp for both towers and sub. Too much money for less performance if you ask me, also less than the exile stuff too.

DQ 03-14-2013 4:38 PM

Also, if your set on wanting lights, check out www.rogue-4.com Way more light for your money than what the Roswells will put out

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