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ridemarktwain 03-13-2013 1:45 PM

Reversible ballast pump for extra ballast bags
Last year I saw a ballast fill system for extra ballast bags. The system used a reverible pump (like a Jabsco) and was piped to a hose connection port. A flexible hose could then be used to fill/empty ballast bags with the reversible pump. Does anyone know who sells a system like this?

jrw160 03-13-2013 2:15 PM


ridemarktwain 03-13-2013 2:23 PM

Thats it. Thanks.

SkySki 03-13-2013 2:31 PM

What is the cost for that setup? I thought it was around $500. If I remember it looked like about 250 worth of parts - that is being generous. Not trying to bash that company in anyway. Could be the price I saw was extremely overpriced or didn't have all of the parts listed.

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