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lakepirate 03-13-2013 12:10 PM

07 DD Centurion Wake?
I am considering buying a friend's 2006 Centurion Air Warrior but am concerned about the wake. It's a direct drive but I have wake boarded previously only on a couple different v-drive boats ('05 Malibu, '02 Ski Supreme). How would the wake be on something like this? The boat does have a ballast system but I am not sure how much that will affect things on a direct drive. Thanks for your help!

boardman74 03-13-2013 1:31 PM

Problem with a DD is for the most part there's not much space to hide sacs. So you get a good wake you end up with sacs all over the floor. If yuo have a situation like i do with a wife with a knee replacement, that doesn't work.

Most of the stock ballast systems in that brand/ vintage are pretty small and don't do much. We looked at 2 v-drives in that era and one just had a center tank and the other had 2 midship tanks. I want to say both were less than 400 lbs total.

bcrider 03-13-2013 1:58 PM

^ I agree. I have a 2000 MB DD. It can put up a great wake but it needs a lot of weight which means bags on the floor on either side of the dog house. I have a 400lbs bag on each side, 4 steel plates that weigh 55lbs that I can move around, and the built in ballast only takes 560lbs. When full you are crawling over everything and even when empty you still have bags/hoses in the way. I can tell you I can't wait to upgrade to vdrive for storage and bags not on the floor all the time.

bass10after 03-13-2013 2:42 PM

my family has a centurion dd, hands down worst riding boat i've ever been in. It will beat you up and its falling apart at the seams because of it. Dont expect to do more than 15mph on a rough day and plan on getting wet if you sit in the back. This is a 2000 elite dd, which i think the air warrior was based on. Hopefully someone with fluid dynamics experience re-engineered the running surface of it by 2006, but if not steer clear. After growing up on that boat, i don't think i'd ever purchase anything they make. When i bought my boat, that was the example I used of what not to get. For the money you'd presumably spend on an 06, i'd be inclined to find an 03 malibu lsv or something roomier instead.

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