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you_da_man 03-13-2013 12:46 AM

Removing very light scuffs in gel coat question
My 2011 boat is 90% black and on one occasion I towed it with the factory cover about 200 miles (never again). As a result the cover left a handful of very small areas where the gel coat appears lightly scuffed and cloudy. I tested an area with a marine cleaner wax (not a compound) and it remove maybe about 75% of the scuff mark by hand. Would a dual action polisher and the cleaner wax remove the rest or will I need a very light compound? I don't have a dual action orbital polisher at the moment but I'm not opposed to getting a good one or could a light compound be used by hand for such small areas on the top deck where the scuff marks are. My boat is stored indoors and the rest of the hull is showroom in appearance. It's just these 5-6 little areas on the top deck that bother me. Thanks for any replies.

Fourspeednup 03-13-2013 8:20 AM

I would go with a light polishing compound and foam pad on the orbital buffer then follow up with cleaner wax.

You could eventually get it done by hand but in certain light the dull spots would probably stand out against the otherwise flawless finish.

bass10after 03-13-2013 9:54 AM

I just restored my gelcoat with a wetsand, compound, polish and wax process...i'd get a black foam finishing pad and use 3m finesse-it II. You'll be amazed at how well that works. Some guys say that an orbital doesn't do enough and to use a variable speed polisher. I happen to have both and tested it out, the variable speed is much quicker, but the electric d/a i got from harbor freight worked just as good and seemed to work better on my black gel coat areas. If you get up super close in the right light you'll still notice micro scratches but they are less noticeable with the d/a. Foam pads are color coded and black is the finest cut, white is in the middle, yellow would be heavier more for compounding. You can even use finesse-it by hand and it works great. Id say use a straight wax afterward for more protection, but i'm no expert as this was my first attempt. My local body shop supply house and "G" from here is who gave me advice. Do a search on here for "cut polish v2" and you should get some great tips from G's thread.

grant_west 03-13-2013 10:41 AM

Detox took the words right out of my fingers. I agree it soundsd like finess it micro fine that's the white stuff and a foam pad will do the trick. I say avoid compound at all costs. When it comes to removing scratches I would rather wet sand them out then almost all the work is done then your time on the polisher and mess is a lot smaller. Be surentom,
Mask of pretty much your entire boat and or garage when it comes to polishing

you_da_man 03-13-2013 12:12 PM

Thanks for the replies Detox and Grant. Grant, sent you a quick PM

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