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03-10-2013 8:23 PM

Towing Triple
Can anyone give me some advice on towing triple? i want to tow my 23 foot epic behind my 5000 lb 27 foot fith wheel, with my shortbox crew cab cummins!! ialready know all the state law BS and my hitch on the back of fifth wheel is PLENTY stout... any info on how it handles, how the boat fishtails? i know i cant backup with it and i think i should def put a camera on back of fifth wheel

bryce2320 03-10-2013 8:45 PM

I pull our fifth wheel camper with my boat quite a bit. In KS and OK, (I think anyways:p) As long as you arent bumper pull to bumper pull, but fifth wheel to bumper pull you should be good to go. Both trailers handle pretty good, and it turns so much better then say a 40' gooseneck, with the extra pivot point obviously. I definitely would be scared to get in a bind somewhere tho because there is damn sure no backing up :D My boat has little bitty tires on it to, that Im upgrading to 20's, but the trailer still tracked pretty good, from what I could see :p

03-10-2013 8:48 PM

yes, bryce im a little nervous.. however, im going to hook it up here one of these days and do a little preseason trial... cause i can move my boat further back or further forward on the trailer with some adjustments.. so that way i can dial in my tongue weight on the trailer,,,, thanks for your input man...

Iceberg 03-10-2013 9:05 PM

It should work fine. My neighbour has the extended cab long box (about the same as your wheel base) and he pulls a bigger trailer and a boat the same size as ours. He hates driving it behind slow Priuses, but he can out pull them easily at highway speeds fully loaded. I believe he is 12" too long with his set-up. The only time you will see the boat is when you turn, so you might want to get a camera mounted on the back of your 5th wheel.

03-10-2013 9:12 PM

thanks for the input fred,, where are you at? im glad you like your EPIC too... i like seeing other like minded people..

SkySki 03-10-2013 9:28 PM

You might want to get tire monitors as well. I have never towed like you are about to, but my guess is you wouldn't feel a tire go out on the boat trailer with it so far back and all of the connections.

03-10-2013 9:30 PM

where can i get tire monitors? like cameras?

wake26 03-11-2013 7:55 AM

Both me and my cousin have been pulling tandom for years. I am around 66' feet in total lenght. I can pull down the interstate at 70 no problem. it is a little nerve racking the first couple times. Make sure you scope out gas stations and stuff because it is nearly impossible to back up.

SkySki 03-11-2013 8:40 AM


Originally Posted by EPIC (Post 1810672)
where can i get tire monitors? like cameras?

Try to tireminder.com for the tire monitors, and visorview.com for camera system. Everyone on the rv forums loves the tireminder stuff. I had a problem and returned a 6 tire setup last week. I have been using the visorview setup for a few years and have had no issues. Highly recommend there cameras.

You could put cameras to monitor the tires, but that wasn't what I was initially talking about.

hillbilly 03-11-2013 9:52 AM

I have a 25' 5th wheel and 21' boat. Just make wide turns because the back trlr will cut the corners. Only thing I notice with mine is due to the axles on the 5th wheel not being all the way back on the frame you get a bit of sway and bounce. Kind of like a snake moves....Nothing scary. And you should be able to see your guideposts on the back trlr.
Backing up is tricky but can be done......And like others said...pick your fuel stations wisely.....lol

03-11-2013 10:31 AM

thanks everyone and thank you for the leads on where to get tire monitors and camera!! ive looked at cameras for awhile and cant seem to decide which one is best....

tx_foilhead 03-11-2013 4:06 PM

I've pull just about anything you can think of, today I'm in a Freightliner hauling water, 86000lbs loaded. The Thing with triples is they kind of snake along but everything is really predictable. If I bump the wheel to the left I can count to 3 and feel the back trailer bump back. I would drive it around ahead of time for an hour or so if you can just to get the feel for it. It also really helps to plan out the trip in detail with all stops so you don't end up in a bind trying to maneuver around. It really shouldn't be that big of a deal since the Epic is so much lighter than it looks.

SkySki 03-11-2013 5:48 PM


Originally Posted by EPIC (Post 1810759)
thanks everyone and thank you for the leads on where to get tire monitors and camera!! ive looked at cameras for awhile and cant seem to decide which one is best....

I have been using the two camera setup from visorview on my truck for 4-5 years and on two boat trailers in the same timeframe. I like the wired setup - no interference. I heard the wireless ones are more prone to interference. I used to use one of the visorview monitors, but just switched to a double din pioneer. I locked out the backup camera so I could turn it on as I was driving down the road. I can also switch from one camera on my truck to the other camera on the boat trailer. Completely waterproof and I verified they would replace the cameras if they died on my boat trailer. They said they are completely covered with the warranty. Can't beat that. I just have one connection extra to hook up when connecting the trailer.

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