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cyclone18 03-09-2013 2:50 PM

Anybody got skills with photoshop?
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g'day guys, i have tried doing this myself on the photoshop program but the way it has got me at the moment it is best to just let someone who knows what they are doing get it right for me before i end up with a laptop with a smashed keyboard haha. so heres what i want to do, i am in the process of buying a new car but cant decide on which colour and which wheels so i am wondering if you guys could help me. i would like to see what the kmc monster xd wheels in black look like on both the blue and the white car and also the chrome monster xd aswell if thats possible?

Bumpass1 03-10-2013 7:02 AM

Can't help with pohotoshop, but if you click the link you can enter the vehicle info and you can see what any wheel looks like on the truck. You only have to change the view in the upper left side of the web page close to the filter button.


BallsDeepMB 03-10-2013 4:14 PM

Those new Colorados are pretty cool, especially with the turbo diesel!

vermast5 03-12-2013 6:43 AM

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Just a quick 2 min crop but it gives you an idea!

polarbill 03-12-2013 8:36 AM

Damn, that crew cab is sick minus the light bar thing. Looks kind of like a mini Tundra.

cyclone18 03-12-2013 1:36 PM


Originally Posted by vermast5 (Post 1810892)
Just a quick 2 min crop but it gives you an idea!

thnaks mate, looks the goods i wrecken. im wondering if you could try the other two wheels aswell if possible? i wanna see what the black and chrome look like on both colour cars.. im trying to decide which colour to get haha thanks again

matt_beck 03-13-2013 7:20 AM

Swivel racks on the truck tower?

cyclone18 03-17-2013 11:50 PM

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here we go, i found the car with the wheels i want.. can anybody make the wheels look bigger? like these are 17's at the moment and i would like to see what 20's would look like if possible. thanks

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