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07-31-2001 7:08 AM

hi im adam from england and ive just started wakeboarding and i can get up can you give me tips on how to carve and cross the wake and jump the wake or what i need to do to get to that stage cheers!

07-31-2001 2:46 PM

Adam, congrats! Lot's of threads on this too, but try this...stay inbetween the wakes and slowly carve back and forth real easy like. Keep about 60% of your weight on your back foot. To cross the wakes, edge slowly across on your heelside and toeside edges. Let go of the handle with one hand if it is more comfortable. Slowly work on crossing both wakes faster and faster to get a feel for your edges before you start working on jumping.

07-31-2001 10:19 PM

try to start working on fakie as soon as possible too.

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