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d_h_wake 03-07-2013 2:59 PM

2013 b.o.b.
Hey, I assume more people have had a chance to try the new B.O.B. board, and might have some new thoughts on it since the last threads of it were up!

How is this new 5-stage rocker? Does it really give extra vertical pop?

The landings, How do they feel on such a rocker?

Is it a fast or slow board?

How does it track?

I just want some opinions on this new deck, it seems sick!!!

carter134 03-07-2013 7:18 PM

just rode it for the first time today and im used to a SS hooke and this board was poppin !! it was fast had tones of pop and reall nice landings ! the tracking was the only thing i didnt like about the board if the fins were a bit closer to the end and had a later release it would be awesome ! i found that it would side out a bit while edging and that it was a inconsistent release if doing surface 180 back to regular . but other then that an awesome board go try it !

gotwake133 03-07-2013 8:26 PM

Dyllon! Get it... its awesome. End of story/ haha.
Needless to say its super fast, awesome pop, and overall really fun to ride.
Since the core is mainly wood, its also going to last alot longer and retain pop longer.
I rode it and was very happy.
(We just got a liquid order in so I should have some boots for you too)
Hit me up if you have any other questions!

johnny_defacto 03-07-2013 9:47 PM

Rode it recently, had on bindings that were a bit too big for me, and the board was a size down from what I normally ride (BOB 137 vs my LF witness 140) but it was really fun. It felt fast for a shorter-than-I-am-used-to board and had a ton of pop, lands were soft and kept speed. I want to try it again in the next size up and with my bindings.

As for the 5-stage, I looked at it quickly and it is really blended to look like a continuous, you can see that it is flat on the bottom, but the rest of the stages were subtle, not anything like the 3 stage ronix one where it is blatantly obvious.

nice board, light, fun, hope to ride it again.

Alex1978 06-18-2013 4:47 AM

Guys, who rode BOB,
tell what size did you use and what's your weight.

d_h_wake 06-18-2013 5:50 AM

I started this thread a long time ago. Best desicion I have ever made getting that board! 137 at 150lbs

aoblak 06-18-2013 6:24 AM

I started to ride mine over the weekend and I can tell you it's a very loose board but once you get used to riding it you will love it! The pop is great

d_h_wake 06-18-2013 6:04 PM

I thought it was loose, but once your on edge, your locked in! Like its tracks hard!!!

Alex1978 06-19-2013 1:48 AM

The point is there is no 138-139 size. And 137 is short for my 170lbs.

wakebordr11 06-19-2013 6:10 AM

So you will be riding 2cm over your "140", now you're riding 139, 1cm from your "140". I dare you to really notice an extra half inch on the tip and tail...

ryanw209 06-21-2013 8:38 AM

I'm your same weight and got the 141. I think it fits good. Mine is for sale in the classifieds if your interested

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