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kellen 03-06-2013 1:57 PM

dirt bike bedrack
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what up guys I have a budy making these custom dirt bike bed racks and they are sick!
I have on on my truck and I figured I'd spread the awesomeness.
He is located in northern Cali and charges $140.

shoot me an email and ill set you up wkboardin2000@yahoo.com

steezyshots 03-06-2013 2:56 PM

Those look good, but you can't get one new out of the box for $100 at most all stores. They only go to 500 lbs but most dirtbikes weigh less than that. Do you know what the weight limit is on your buddies? they look super strong.

kellen 03-06-2013 4:17 PM

What up RB?! its not a moto tote.. It mounts to the back rail of your bed by the cab and creates forward and solid tie down points. It's not adjustable and it's custom made to fit the bed of each truck. the ones that i have seen in the moto magazines that sell for 100-180 and are thin wall steel. This is some solid strong stuff. He also has an option for a center extension so you can fit 3 bikes easier and the bars don't hit.

kellen 03-06-2013 4:35 PM

i just did some looking around and found this.


The cool thing about the ones my buddy makes is that they mount to the sides of the beds aw well creating a more solid mount and saving your bed from cracking and separating when you take those trip to bear creek and penny pines and the bike is wrenching against the bed rail. Everyone has seen that truck that has a concave bed due to so many bike tires. this will have that. RB am I doing a good job selling this thing? im trying. :)

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