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tn_rider 03-05-2013 4:43 PM

Which amp to keep and which to sell?
I have two amplifiers, one I'm going to get rid of. I have two kicker L7 12's that the amp will be pushing. The amp that is in the boat now is a cadence ZRS6000D 1400 watt. It's pushing a single JL W6 10v2. The other amp I have is a Hifonics Brutus 2008D 2000 watt class D. My question is which amp would best fit my application? Thanks!

chpthril 03-05-2013 4:52 PM

Are the kicker subs 2 or 4 ohm DVC's?

tn_rider 03-05-2013 5:00 PM

I'll have to look when I get home tonight. I want to say 2 ohm but I'll double check tonight.

tn_rider 03-05-2013 7:54 PM

Just got home and checked. The speakers are 2 ohm. Thanks!

Truekaotik 03-05-2013 8:15 PM

Of the two... The Brutus... Series parallel the subs for around 500 watts a sub..

tn_rider 03-05-2013 9:10 PM

Ok thanks! Any advice on batteries? I have two interstate batteries so far. Think i will need more to get good play time?

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