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dfred 03-05-2013 9:42 AM

Load Level Hitch
Anyone use a load level hitch set up on thier tailer? I have one for the toy hauler and got to looking at it and thought it might make evrything ride a little nicer on the boat.
I have a 2006 Supra 24v that will squat my '12 F250 when it loaded...

john211 03-05-2013 10:06 AM

Was that discussed here?


jonblarc7 03-05-2013 12:06 PM

I'm suprised it makes your f250 sag. I have the same boat that I pull with a 1500 silverado and it doesn't sag to bad. Now that said I am up grading to a desiel this summer becuase it is a big damn boat.

jonyb 03-06-2013 9:09 AM

Supra and Boatmate combo's seem to be pretty tongue heavy. Mine from 2007 was the same way. Squatted every truck I had, until I aired up the helper bags.

ferral 03-06-2013 9:16 AM

The one thing I've heard about doing that is that you have to be very careful to make sure the spring bars are set to be very close to parallel with the trailer tongue. If they are not, it can interfere with the operation of the surge brakes.

dfred 03-08-2013 8:41 AM

thanks for the replys. The '12 squats a lot more than my '08 did, Ford took a leaf out of the stack to make the unloaded ride smoother from what I understand.
Your right its a damn heavy boat and feels heavier than it shoud, it push my old Avalanche through a stop light...surge brakes didn't work as well as intended.

03-08-2013 9:17 AM

Buy air bag helper springs, Ride-Rite or Air Lift. They are only $250 and are a whole lot easier and cheaper and better than a weight distribution hitch.

jonblarc7 03-08-2013 10:58 AM

You talking about being pushed through a stop light, been there and done that which is why I'm buy a new truck this season. But I did beed the surge brakes after that happen and it helped alot. You might know this but when the pad wear down it leaves to much space for the brake fluid to work and get air in the lines.

nitrousbird 03-08-2013 4:09 PM


Originally Posted by dfred (Post 1810353)
Your right its a damn heavy boat and feels heavier than it shoud, it push my old Avalanche through a stop light...surge brakes didn't work as well as intended.

I'm guessing you had an 02-06 Avalanche - stock front brakes are awful. I've had my stock brakes to the floor slowing down before without a lot of success...unless not slowing down like you want and warping the rotors is considered success. Luckily it is a cheap upgrade to '07+ brakes and makes a huge difference.

As for the original topics, I'm thinking airbags might be a better upgrade to level the load.

ferral 03-08-2013 9:39 PM

Leveling backs will only make the truck ride more level, it won't account for the fact that the front end of the truck is being lifter up as well giving you less steering control. It's talked about a lot in the thread linked above if you didn't read that.

rdlangston13 03-09-2013 1:28 PM

I don't think you have to worry about te front being lifted up from a wakeboat on a super duty ford. Just don't exceed the tongue weight rating for weight carrying and you'll be fine

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ferral 03-10-2013 1:25 PM

True, even a heavy wake boat shouldn't be too bad on tongue weight

will5150 03-11-2013 8:38 AM

Load levelers work very well. The transfer the weight across the entire frame of the truck and trailer. It will make the ride better, it's easier on the suspension of the truck too. Get the brakes bled tho- my trailer will actually assist in slowing the truck when the brake are hit- yours should too.

dfred 03-11-2013 11:23 AM

The brakes have been bleed since the Avalanche (it was a '08) it made a difference but it was still a good excuse for a new truck. I have a load level hitch with anti sway for the toy hauler and was just thinking how easy it woudl be to move it back and forth (without the anti sway on the boat)...only real down side I see is scratching the trailer up with the shackles.
The truck does squat, not much its just more of me looking at it and just shaking my head that a boat that doesnt even come close to the tow capacity of the truck makes it squat. I've looked into the bags, I was just trying to be cheap and use one method on both trailers.

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