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trash 08-25-2003 8:55 AM

Has anyone ever tried to replace the fuel pump themselves? If so, how hard is it? My boat is in the shop right now getting the fuel pump changed out (of course it stopped working right in the middle of the lake). I'm lucky it's under warranty right now, but if this happens again how easy is it to change out? <BR> <BR>350 Merc MPI Tow sports. Fuel pump is attached to the starboard side of the engine with a water jacket/cooler around it. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>Trash <BR>

trash 08-25-2003 4:03 PM

Update: <BR>Just got a call back from the dealer. He says the computer is shutting off the fuel pump for some reason. They ordered a scan tool to see what's going on. This isn't sounding good...... <BR> <BR>Any Merc mechanics out there? <BR> <BR>Trash <BR>

08-25-2003 6:13 PM

Trash, <BR>What year? Can you describe how you know it's the fuel pump? I think I recall you mentioning is some other thread that you did get the fuel pump booster kit (recall) installed? I had an issue with fuel starvation of some sort and replaced the fuel filter on mine and it seems to have gone away. Wierd, I know. I guess it was creating its own vacuum or something. Only had it out once since, but it was encouraging with no issues. The problem seemed to be with how close the nozzle of the filter was to the body of the filter. Cheap part and easy fix... May want to check it out if you haven't already.

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