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03-02-2013 4:20 PM

Palm Desert April 30 - May 6
I'm getting married the end of April and we will be on our honeymoon down in Palm Desert, April 30 - May 6. Not sure if there is anywhere close to even ride. Will have a car, so travel is not a concern. Always willing to throw down for gas money.


jetskiprosx 03-02-2013 5:05 PM

We visit Palm Desert 1-2 times a year and it's a great place, but there isn't much local wakeboarding. There is a private lake that offered lessons and was working on a cable park but they've been shutdown for over a year now, without any status updates.


There is also a private ski community called Shadow Lake Estates (or something similar) but I doubt you'll get a ride there.

We'll be down there the end of May, but I don't plan on doing anything but laying by the pool and drinking :)

03-02-2013 10:19 PM

We have been going down there since I was a little kid, but I have never paid attention to any type of watersports. We will likely lay by the pool and drink as well. We will occasionaly hit up some of the tourist stuff and do some shopping.

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