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jtiblier123 03-02-2013 5:37 AM

Why no boat in so many films?
Is it just me or does it seem like 75% of the web vids that come out are only showing cable riding?

I am all for cable but let's not forget our roots. Hell, I honestly don't know if half the guys that are young guns at the cable, are able to even ride behind the boat half as well as they do at the cable.

I would love to see more vids like JB O Neill's recent edit... Half boat, half cable (showing that he can tear it up at the park and on the river.)

Maybe I am old school, or just dreaming, or just completely wrong but let me know what you guys think.

For example: Daniel Grant...the "prince" of cable. I have never seen him behind a boat. If anyone has a video of this please show me.

wakemitch 03-02-2013 11:06 AM

You have to remember that some of these new riders are coming to the sport because of cable parks and may not have grown up with a boat. The reach of wakeboarding has grown beyond boat owners. I'm pretty sure most of the European riders dont even have access to boats.

hawkeye7708 03-02-2013 1:46 PM

James- it's basically an access and economics piece. Mitch was correct in that tons of these upcoming riders have been brought into the sport and have been given a chance to develop their skills because of cable's availability. The popularity of cable has a lot to do with it as well, but largely it's access.

Also, it's far less expensive to film a cable video than a boat/mix video. On cable, all you need is the camera and time. For a good boat video, you need gas for both the drive boat, video boat, time... etc

jtiblier123 03-03-2013 4:30 AM

Mitch and Ben,
Thanks for the informative reply. I definitely realize the economic aspect and understand that the majority or riders are starting behind cable nowadays, but once they hit a pro level, they have access to the boats, and in my opinion, should take advantage of that. (At least in the U.S.) If you are a pro putting out web vids, wouldn't one want the world (and potential sponsors) to recognize that he/she can kill it on both cable and boat.

I just feel like sooo many boat riders are pushed to ride cable because of its growing popularity and lower operating costs, but I don't see many true pro "cable riders" trying to ride boat. Just my opinion but it seems back assward to me. I have seen Fooshee kill it on the boat, as well as Raph, and obviously Lidberg can kill it on anything. (including triple kink handrails), but have you ever seen Daniel Grant behind the boat? I dont even think he took part in the boat aspect of Red Bull Wake Open, but yet he was a top competitor for first place overall. I love watching the kid ride anything, but I bet he could destroy it with a new flagship wake boat.

Sorry this was too long

captain_vilfo 03-03-2013 12:22 PM

its a lot easier to make a cable vid too using go pros etc. It's also easier to get cool angles because it doesn't require another boat or helicopter

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