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pc_sledge 03-01-2013 5:57 AM

LED Cupholders
I was thinking about adding LED's in my cupholders. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? Anyone have any luck with prewired stainless steel ones? Pics of DIY installs? What did it end up costing you per cupholder?

tn_rider 03-01-2013 6:03 AM

I was wondering the same. What do you guys reccomend as far as LED's? I want an LED ring that is closer together giving the "glow" look and not show as many of the individual LED's around the Cupholder.

williamburell 03-01-2013 6:10 AM

As an alternative I bought the 2 dollar single led's from oznium and drilled a very small hole in the bottom of the cupholder just big enough for the wire.. The leds are wp and self adhesive. Put a drop of silicone over the hole and was done in 2 minutes. It shines up through the cupholder instead of around but I actually like the look better. Plus with 8 cupholders I saved over 150 bucks on useless rings

sgoyal 03-01-2013 6:48 AM

I think William talking about this one. I might be wrong


bryce2320 03-01-2013 6:54 AM

Tige Mike ran a deal on tige owners and cut us a deal on cup holder rings and speakers. It came with the 300/p 5m led strips with leads soldered on. I bought new SS cup holders to replace my old black ones and I think they look good. Sand the edge of the ring and it'll frost it where it disperses the light so u cant see each individual LED

bryce2320 03-01-2013 6:56 AM

If u wanted rings to go with a single led in the bottom

h20king 03-01-2013 7:05 AM

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The light effect you get depends on what finish you get on the rings. I went with clear rings with no frosting of the plexi.I think the clear rings emit more light and give a nice glow effect. I also think the the color light you chose plays a factor as well. For example a blue led puts out more light than red so you might need to have one side or another frosted to get the effect you are looking for. Dave from earmark could answer the question they have a ring for every application.Here are a couple pics sorry the night pic is not the best but it gives you the idea.

sgoyal 03-01-2013 7:17 AM

I like clear rings too. I created speaker rings with clear acrylic (9mm) and used 300led/5050SMD. I really like the light effect.

williamburell 03-04-2013 6:27 AM


I think William talking about this one. I might be wrong
actually they are these. Pack a pretty good punch and are flat.


launch_sl 03-07-2013 1:53 PM

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launch_sl 03-07-2013 1:54 PM

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