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sambo13 02-28-2013 1:02 PM

System Boots - Process or Marek?
Hey all,

I'm looking into getting a set of Hyperlite Systems for my cable setup, as I've grown tired of moving my boots back and forth between boards. I'm really intrigued and impressed by the BOA aspect of the Mareks, but the common theme I've heard on the boot is that it's extremely stiff, i.e. not ideal for pressing and poking on rails. From what I've heard, the consensus among most riders is that the Process is the System boot that is best suited for cable riding. Anyone have experience or recommendations on the two of these, or any other input?

tarek 02-28-2013 1:06 PM

Process boot is rad. The fit reminds me of a slimmed down snowboard boot. the toe box of the process boot fits real well with the system binders.

I did have a pair of Mareks last year and I didnt like how slim the boot felt. Also, I had a few times where the boa wire was getting stuck, and when I went to pull on the straps, I got slight tears along the seams where the strap meets the shell.

MattAlz33 02-28-2013 1:14 PM

I've never had any issues with my Marek's and I absolutely love them. I would agree they are very stiff especially if you keep the BOA tight. However, keep in mind you can keep your boots a little more loose around the ankle and keep the boot to bindings tighter. I believe the systems give you so many different possibilities with how tight you can have your boots vs. how tight you ratchet them down.

stephan 02-28-2013 1:29 PM

I haven't ridden the Marek(only tried on) but really love the Process. I like the ability to remove the ankle strap for a little more flexible ride. It has good height, good support and is the most comfortable boot I've ever ridden. Its hard to go wrong with either, but my preference is the Process.

tom_paz 02-28-2013 2:14 PM


While the idea that the Mareks are a very stiff boot is true, I do not think they will be too stiff and prevent you from tweaking or pressing, etc. especially after you break them in by riding them a few times. Yes, the Process are designed to be less stiff than the Mareks, and I think they are super comfy as well. There are plenty of people that use the Mareks on cable, but i wouldnt be surprised that Process are so popular because, as Stephan mentioned, the top ankle strap can be removed to accommodate those who like a high cut boot that is also flexible (or stiffer if you ride w/ the strap).

IF you can, i would recommend trying them both on at a local shop cuz every foot is a little different, and you might like one boot over the other regardless of what other people say.

But to answer your initial question, no, I dont think the Mareks will be too stiff to tweak/poke/press, but the ankle strap option may be why more cable riders seem to choose the Process boot. hope this helps.

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