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raceman121 02-25-2013 11:21 AM

Malibu wake setter 247 lsv wave opinions
Hey guys I was wondering how the wave on a 2012 malibu wake setter 247 would be stock? Any insure would be helpful!

raceman121 02-25-2013 11:22 AM

Insight* dang keyboard!

StanleyWheelhouse 02-28-2013 12:45 PM

it would look about 3000 pounds to small......

cjh1669 02-28-2013 2:14 PM

Big boat needs tons of weight, but if you're willing to put the weight in it then you'll get one hell of a wave.

raceman121 03-01-2013 4:53 PM

any ideas on configuration? i was thinking 1000 in the bow 1000 in the seat surf side and 1000 in the locker. overkill?

cjh1669 03-01-2013 5:32 PM


Originally Posted by raceman121 (Post 1809454)
any ideas on configuration? i was thinking 1000 in the bow 1000 in the seat surf side and 1000 in the locker. overkill?

On top of stock that's perfect. I know fly high makes a surf sack for the 247 that is like 1500 lbs I believe. It starts in the locker and then goes up under the seat. Better than putting 1000lns on the seat, just put people over there. It takes a lot of weight, but it puts up a great wave once you weigh it down

ilikebeaverandboats 03-01-2013 11:03 PM

I am not sure what year this 247 is, looks like 2010 (and mentions in quote below) can anyone verify? I do not know about hull changes between this and the 2012, im sure somebody knows!

I direct you to wheelhouse....This is what I dug up in my search.


Originally Posted by StanleyWheelhouse (Post 1647526)
Wheelhouse 247 Surf Sac 1600LBS
Factory Front Center and Left Rear 1000LBS
Fly High Tube Sac 380LBs but we get 250 LBS because it is under the seat
We had a 400LB sac on the seat. We do this especially with a lot of people in the boat because lets face it, they rarely sit in the ideal spot for a good wave. The sac does not move.
Wedge is at the top of the arc on the gauge
Speed on my 2010 is 10.4-11.0 MPH
All Ballast are plumbed in and fill and drain at the flip of a switch
Fill / Drain time is less than 15 minutes

The goofy wave
1100 Fly High in the locker
400 Lb Sac on the seat
Wedge top of the arc
Factory Front Center and Right Rear 1000 Lbs
Speed 10.6-11.4


StanleyWheelhouse 03-04-2013 7:59 PM


here you go! 2010 with Vette Motor

raceman121 03-07-2013 8:03 AM

Okay guys what about one of the1100 pound flyhigh ultimate surf sacks and a 350 or 400 pound sack in the bow on top of stock ballast how would that be?

StanleyWheelhouse 03-10-2013 10:40 AM

weight in the bow makes the wave flatter. when training for competitions pulled by enzos we weight the bow because and enzo makes a flatter wave. (which is why its a favorite among skimmers)

22vdrive 03-10-2013 1:30 PM

Stanely are you still riding the Trinity River?

StanleyWheelhouse 03-13-2013 8:32 PM

when it is clean and does not smell like a fart yes.....

rdlangston13 03-13-2013 10:32 PM

Never been on the trinity and noticed a fart smell...

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