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Chad_canuck 02-24-2013 8:32 AM

Factory ballast on a 2012 lsv
Ran out of space in 2008 supra 21v and upgraded to a 2012 23lsv this winter. We don't do any wake surfing, just wake boarding and the occasion wake skate session. I opted for the 410 engine upgrade and passed on the surf gate system. Looking to see how you guys are weighting the boat to get a clean wake and what speed your riding at. I'm not opposed to adding more plug and play ballast. The ride has the four tank ballast system. Looking forward to spring and hitting the water and breaking in the boat.

BTV 02-24-2013 2:24 PM

I have a 2012 LSV but with 350. Factory full obviously.
Most will say 750's in rear lockers and 500 in nose. Not sure about wedge.
I tried 500's in lockers and 500 in walkway with 6-8 people. No wedge. Didn't work for me. A couple of people always have to jump in bow to plane out good.
What I like best is 500 in front of back seat, 500 in front of it, 500 in walkway, 380 in bow 6-8 people. Nobody in bow. Good firm big wake. No wedge. Usually run 23-23.5 GPS verified.
I only use the wedge when going out for a quick set with factory ballast when I don't have time to fill sacs.
You'll be glad you have bigger motor. I'm at somewhat high elevation so am considering upgrade to LS3 to run more weight.

nitrousbird 02-24-2013 4:53 PM


Originally Posted by Chad_canuck (Post 1808418)
2012 23lsv. passed on the surf gate system. .

Surfgate wasn't available on any 2012 boat. Sounds like you passed on a 2013 for (hopefully) a big savings on a 2012 leftover.

boardman74 02-24-2013 5:37 PM

^^^I thought the same thing! Reason there are so many used 2012 Malibu's on the market.

Bamabonners 02-25-2013 8:43 AM

I bought a 2012 instead of 2013 and saved almost 20 grand. Hard to turn that down....

bobbysky 02-25-2013 12:52 PM

I have an 09 with the 350 motor. We upgraded to the new 2315 prop. Now for the weight setup. I run full stock ballast, with 1100 on each side of the engine (but only fill to around 750 or a bit more). The 1200lbs triangle in the bow, 550 in the walkway, 750 dead center, and the wedge down to start and then a click up once at speed. We run between 24.5 to 25.5mph. The wake is money, big long transition with just enough kick at the top to let you go wake to wake or up up and away.

Chad_canuck 02-25-2013 2:01 PM

Thanks for the info guys. I have a couple of 500's that I could throw in the back lockers but need to grab a bag for the nose to even out the weight.

huskey1987 02-25-2013 2:59 PM

I've got the 350 and usually run 400s in each locker with 1000 in the nose and lots of wedge! wake is big and poppy!

bobbysky 02-25-2013 4:28 PM

If you do get the fly-high bow sack and fill it completely full, be super careful when you come off of plane. I almost submarined it on my first attempt. I've found that if I just click it back to gear and wait for the bow to dip then click it into neutral to let the waves past your good to go.

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